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Raleigh Resident Bags $700K Payday from Lottery Game

Bison Bonanza has turned a Raleigh resident into half a millionaire off a massive $700K payday the lucky winner quickly took home as a lump sum

The upshot? Vickie Koch, who wasn’t shy about disclosing her identity to the public, was able to grab $520,555 in aggregate after tax. Playing on Bison Bonanza, Koch was able to hit the rather unexpected outcome and score the epic jackpot, which is given odds in the neighborhood of 1 in 15.5 million.

Lottery Winner’s Generosity Stretches Beyond Her Family

In other words, a rather long shot by all means. Yet, Koch wasn’t spending all that much on her lottery gameplay, purchasing a $2 wager. She also has plans for the money already. Koch will use the funds to establish an education trust for her grandchildren, helping the family out.

Yet, it’s not just the family who will get treated by her inclination for generosity, as the woman is also planning a girl’s trip to a tropical destination, treating herself to a well-deserved time off.

As to Bison Bonanza itself, the game is quite flexible. You can pretty much bet any amount between $0.50 and $30, meaning that you can pick your amounts. The jackpot payout is independent of your wager, though, as Koch’s story showed. So, whether you are playing with modest funds or going big, the lottery is always there to let you have a shot at the game.

North Carolina will continue to offer excellent opportunities to residents who are keen to try their luck at some fantastic lottery games. A similar spot of good luck befell another lottery player back in mid-May when a woman thought the game had glitched, only to realize she had won $700,000 instead.

More Winners in North Carolina Make Headlines

North Carolina has been churning out winners at a good clip in recent weeks. If the story of Koch fascinates – among other things – with its generosity, you ought to hear about the high schooler who is already a millionaire.

The 18-year-old Jalen McLean had quite a bit of a surprise when he found out that he had turned a $10 lottery ticket into a one-million jackpot. Jalen asked Dasha Silas, his sister to pick the scratch-off ticket for him from a Valero gas station in Fayetteville.

Dasha was not entirely sure what was happening after her brother scratched the ticket off and realization dawned on him about the prize. At that point he beamed back at his sister with a smile which Dash described “like so big – it looked like the movie character Venom.”

The North Carolina Education Lottery continues to tempt people of all ages to try their luck and win life-altering amounts. Not many do, but enough make the headlines to excite interest.


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