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Woman Who Won $250K Jackpot Can’t Quit Her Day Job

Good fortune smiles in many little ways and – sometimes – in the form of a $250,000 payday. Yet is this enough to make you quit your day job

For one person, the $250,000 scratch-off lottery game jackpot is not enough reason The South Carolina woman paid $5 to acquire the ticket, turning it into an epic six-figure payday which would not be enough for her to quit her job.

The anonymous winner wasn’t coy about her desire to put the work-a-day-life behind her, arguing that she had won more so she could walk away from the boss’s yoke. Yet, this amount simply won’t cut it.

“I wish it would have been more, so I could quit my job,” she said, jocosely according to sources. The ticket was bought at the Mini Mart convenience store on South Congress Street in Winnsboro, the South Carolina Education Lottery officials confirmed, confirming that the prize was won from the Giant Jumbo Bucks game.

What Jackpot Lets You Quit Your Job?

The woman herself wasn’t too sure what to do with the money just yet – it’s a big lump sum, but not nearly enough to be life-changing. So, does she invest it, does she salt it away, or does she buy herself something of value? The opportunities abound, as does her anxiety, the official statement said.

Then again, the lucky winner had a tremendous chance to win. Her odds of winning the $250,000 prize are estimated at 1-in-960,000, pretty slim. There are more prizes to be claimed as well, lottery officials added.

For one, the game itself has $1,250,000 of unclaimed prizes, which are still featured in the jackpot. In the meantime, the woman could choose to spend some extra money on trying to secure the rest of the jackpots. Her chances, of course, would be slim – at best.


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  • Tonza Deloatch
    June 10, 2024 at 8:17 pm

    Everyone is lucky to win. I buy scratch off when I can but I never win. If I were to win I would invest the money or pay off bills

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