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Raketech’s Q1 Results Maintain Its Momentum

Raketech, a leading gambling-oriented affiliate marketing and analytics company, has posted its results for the first three months of 2022. According to the figures, Raketech’s business is doing great, especially in the key US region.

Raketech’s Revenues Continue to Grow

Raketech’s results show that the company earned a total of $13.5 million during the first quarter of the year. This marks a 53% increase compared to the same period last year. Notably, the favorable figures were largely driven by the company’s optimal performance in the US market. The latter yielded Raketech $2.5 million, representing a 380% year-on-year increase. Likewise, Raketech’s EBITDA increased to $5.4 million which is 58% more than in Q1 of 2021.

Speaking about its success, Raketech said that these results couldn’t have been possible if not for its recent M&A activity. Some of its latest deals saw the company acquire businesses such as P&P Vegas Group Inc, ATS Consultants, Infinileads and QM Media.

Oskar Mühlbach, the chief executive officer of Raketech, spoke about the company’s results and its ongoing growth strategy. He said that the company’s acquisitions have secured it a bright future but warned that there are still some traps ahead. For example, Finland’s newly-introduced regulations are expected to affect Raketech’s business in the region.

Raketech Will Maintain Its Momentum

Despite being cautious, Mühlbach plans to continue pursuing further growth. To that end, he hopes to increase Rektech’s revenues to around $53-58 million and aim at EBITDA margins of between 40% and 44%. Mühlbach is optimistic that his company will maintain its momentum.

The CEO believes that the aforementioned numbers are feasible and is looking forward to the second half of the year. He noted that the last six months tend to be a stronger period, mainly because of major sporting events. Mühlbach cited November’s soccer World Cup as a highlight event that will surely affect the business of Raketech and its partners.

Lastly, Mühlbach added that Raketech will launch a new one-stop-shop single access API called Affiliation Cloud. It will include all the services, data and marketing information clients might need and help companies save themselves time and money. Mühlbach said that his team is testing the Affiliation Cloud and launch it on the market in the next few months.

According to Mühlbach’s forecasts, the new solution will yield at least $10.5 million a year within two years from its launch.

Raketech recently inked a key partnership deal with Real Luck Group’s flagship brand Luckbox.


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