May 11, 2022 3 min read


Kindred Is Ready to Offer More Support to the Racing Home Project

After announcing it would expand its support for the “Racing Home” project last December, Kindred Group has decided to take its Women in Racing partnership one step further. Kindred will keep helping the organization committed to promoting and developing the profile of women part of the horse racing industry through the 32Red and Unibet brands.

Kindred Group Will Support Working Parents in the Horse Racing Industry

Kindred will actively participate in the next stage of the Racing Home program. This stage will see the launch of a brand new educational portal online along with professional guidance for mothers going back to the tracks after giving birth. The new phase will also create a number of podcasts under the surveillance of producer and equine veterinarian Naomi Mellor.

Kindred will bring its own contribution to this new phase of the project, educating and empowering stakeholders regarding these important topics related to parenting and motherhood. According to Kindred’s chief executive Henrik Tjärnström, the group shares similar sustainability strategies with the Racing Home program. Both parties aim to obtain a 50/50 gender split in senior management rankings. Accordingly, Kindred will be busy showing its support for issues regarding maternity and paternity, pregnancy stages, shared parental leave, child adoption, flexible working schedules, statutory pay, and self-employment.

Tjärnström also expressed the company’s interest in providing employees with a positive family-working balance, firmly believing a supportive work environment is the best way to stimulate employees’ performance. The group also expressed its enthusiasm for partnering with Women in Racing on their Racing Home project.

Women in Racing Anticipating Positive Changes

Women in Racing’s chair Tallulah Lewis also expressed the organization’s excitement to be collaborating with the Kindred Group and launching their Racing Home project initiatives by their side. The organization managed to identify a series of challenges that mothers and parents part of the horse racing industry are confronted with at the end of two years of intensive research and important webinars.

Together with Simply Racing, a consultancy company aimed at the horse racing industry that wants to put employees and horses first, Women in Racing created a series of helpful solutions. These solutions are expected to bring a positive impact on the lives of many people part of the industry. The two organizations worked together to create the concepts and initialize the project, share their experience and offer guidance so that all objectives would be properly met.

At the beginning of April, Kindred Group announced total revenue of £247 million ($322 million) for the first quarter of the current year.

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