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Rainbow Six Siege Played by More Than 60 Million Players

Ubisoft has announced that there are more than 60 million players of Rainbow Six Siege. The developer continues to offer new content and attract more fans.

Across All Platforms, Rainbow Six Siege Recoreded More Than 60 Million Players

Ubisoft’s tactical online shooter Rainbow Six Siege reached more than 60 million players across all platforms. The shooter continues to grow in popularity and attract more fans than ever. The game was released back in December 2015. As the game developer noted, Siege was built on “a strong vision of creativity, competitiveness and team play.” Now, five years later, Ubisoft is celebrating that the game has more than 60 million players, enjoying Rainbow Six Siege on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

But what does the game offer? Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical first person shooter that relies on team play. The game features environmental destruction but a key to winning is team cooperation. Players are separated in two teams: attackers and defenders. Each player takes control over a unique operator that has one of a kind ability which can be used to overcome the enemy team. Rainbow Six Siege offers multiple game modes: bomb defuse, hostage rescue or taking control of different objectives.

Rainbow Six Siege Saga Continues to Grow

Since the launch of Rainbow Six Siege, there have been 18 seasons. In most of those seasons, new downloadable content was introduced for the players. It was usually a new map or a rework of an existing map but also at least two new operators. Siege is currently in its second season for this year which is titled Operation Steel Wave. By now, across the three different game modes, Siege offers a total of 20 different maps. Moreover, there are 56 operators which the players can choose from when attacking or defending.

Ubisoft’s tactical shooter holds an Australian Games Award in category Esports Title of the Year. Siege has also been nominated many times for “Evolving Game“, “Best Multiplayer Game“, “Best Evolving Game” and many other awards. With that in mind, the developer team of the game proved that with dedication, hard work and new exciting game content, the fans of the title can only continue to grow. In that line of thoughts, we cannot miss to mention that Rainbow Six Siege is also rapidly growing on the esports scene. There are Rainbow Six Siege leagues created in Europe, Asia and North America. Top teams of each league meet annually with a chance for a hefty prize. This year’s Six Invitational 2020 which took place in February featured a prize of the staggering $3,000,000 split among 16 teams which participated. The winner of this year’s tournament was Spacestation Gaming which took home the massive prize of $1,000,000.


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