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Pro League Network Secures $2.2 Million to Revolutionize Betting on Niche Sports

The company is confident that its unorthodox offerings can draw new audiences and keep customers engaged by addressing an underdeveloped market niche

Pro League Network (PLN) has raised $2.2 million to bring betting opportunities to niche sports like slapfighting, CarJitsu, and streetball. Founded in 2022 by Mike Salvaris and Bill Yucatonis, PLN is well-known for commercializing more obscure sports like minigolf, regulating them for gambling purposes, and capitalizing on the novelty of its offerings to differentiate itself from the competition.

PLN’s Approach Continues to Pay Dividends

Operating from its studio in Missouri, PLN’s approach is to identify sports that can quickly capture fan interest on social media and are easy for casual viewers to understand and bet on after a short watch. This strategy aims to fill the void in the sports-wagering calendar during periods with few or no live professional sports available for betting.

High-profile sportsbooks, including DraftKings and Bet365, have already integrated PLN’s properties in states and markets where they have received approval for wagering. During a recent interview for Business Insider, company co-founder Bill Yucatonis noted that targeting such unique offerings enabled PLN to solve a significant problem for operators, providing them with engaging content during typically slow periods.

We are solving a problem. We are targeting times a day and days a week that we know are a blemish for operators.

Bill Yucatonis, Pro League Network co-founder

Over the next 12 months, PLN plans to expand several of its most promising properties: CarJitsu, SlapFight Championship, and Str33t, a professional 3×3 basketball league developed in partnership with Garnett’s Big Ticket Sports. The company will also continue supporting the World Putting League for professional minigolf, which has repeatedly proven its appeal to wagering fans.

The Company Had to Fight for Its Vision

PLN’s unique approach, owning and operating the sports properties, was vital in attracting investors. The company faced initial hurdles as investors were uncertain whether regulators would approve such niche sports for gambling. However, PLN quickly proved the viability of its offerings when SlapFight Championship became the first sport in its portfolio to get the green light in several jurisdictions.

As PLN grows its portfolio of supported sports, it cements its position as the leading provider of unorthodox sports wagering experiences and positions itself for enduring growth. To support this expansion, the company intends to open a new studio on the East Coast and produce two to four hours of live content weekly.

With this newly acquired funding, PLN is ready to push the boundaries of sports entertainment and wagering, offering fans and bettors a novel and engaging experience. The company remains committed to expanding its portfolio with new offerings, targeting niche sports that are easy to comprehend, captivating to watch, and likely to go viral.

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