November 10, 2023 3 min read


PredictIt Bettors Impressed by Haley and DeSantis’ Performance at the Debates

Haley gained the confidence of PredictIt users despite Ramaswamy’ critique of her foreign policy views

PredictIt bettors seem confident in Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis’ positions following Wednesday’s debate. At this point, both of them have a chance to grab the party’s nomination, political bettors believe.

One of the highlights of Wednesday’s debate was the heated quarrel between Haley, a former ambassador to the United Nations and Vivek Ramaswamy, the founder of the healthcare tech company Roivant.

Ramaswamy was very critical of Haley’s foreign policy opinions, slamming her appeal to ban TikTok. Many believe that the popular short-form video platform may be a Chinese mechanism to spy on the West. However, Ramaswamy pointed out that Haley’s own daughter is an active TikTok user.

His words infuriated Haley who asked him to keep her daughter out of his mouth. When he didn’t stop, she slammed him as “scum.”

As it turns out, Haley’s words left an impression on political bettors, increasing their confidence in her ability to become the GOP candidate. As a result, her stock on the exchange climbed to 15 cents. As of the time of this writing, Haley’s stock has increased further, now standing at 16 cents.

Trump Continues to Dominate the PredictIt Charts

In the meantime, Ramaswamy’s shares remained stable at 5 cents after the debates but increased to 6 cents in the subsequent days. Ron DeSantis also had a good speech with his “yes” stock climbing to 11 cents. The position of Chris Christie, another potential candidate remained unchanged at 1 cent at the time of the debates but increased by another cent later.

While PredictIt bettors increased their confidence in Haley, she is still lagging behind former President Donald Trump. While Trump didn’t participate in the debates, his Yes stock remains at a whopping 72 cents as of the time of this writing.

Donald Trump has a significant advantage over his opponents because of his previous service as president. In addition, the businessman continues to be in the spotlight amid some recent scandals.

DeSantis is convinced that Trump has an advantage at the moment. However, the Florida Governor hopes that Trump’s electorate will move on and elect him as the GOP candidate instead. DeSantis firmly believes that he can do better.

Speaking of Florida, a legal battle brews in the state as West Flagler prepares to once again take on the Seminole Tribe. This comes right after the tribe relaunched its online betting app, Hard Rock Bet, allegedly hoping to present online betting as a fait accompli.


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