November 10, 2023 3 min read


PointsBet Hit With $110K Fine by AGCO over Alleged Breaches

The gambling regulator claimed PointsBet breached the province's responsible gambling regulations

Currently, there are strict rules when it comes to regulating gambling in Ontario, Canada. The province’s gambling regulator, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), constantly monitors the sector to ensure that licensed operators adhere to the established rules. Ultimately, established regulations in the province seek to safeguard the consumers from excessive gambling, prevent and support users that might be affected by the activity.

On Thursday, the AGCO revealed that its Registrar issued a notice of monetary penalty against the online gambling operator PointsBet. The CA$150,000 ($108,600) penalty comes after the Commission alleged that the operator breached several responsible gambling provisions by letting one customer spend more than CA$500,000 ($361,900) over a period of three months.

In light of the notice of monetary penalty, PointsBet can appeal the decision with the License Appeal Tribunal, which is an adjudicative tribunal separate from the gambling watchdog.

In Ontario, iGaming operators have an obligation to proactively monitor their patrons’ play for signs of high-risk gambling, and to take appropriate actions to intervene and reduce the potential for gambling related harms.

Dr. Karin Schnarr, CEO and Registrar at AGCO

Dr. Karin Schnarr, AGCO’s CEO and Registrar, revealed that licensed gambling operators in the province are required to monitor the activities of their customers and prevent excessive gambling. She added that licensees are obligated to take action and reduce gambling harm or at-risk behaviors. “The AGCO will continue to focus on player protection by holding all registered operators to these high standards,” said Schnarr in conclusion.

Recently, the AGCO announced a CA$80,000 ($59,000) monetary penalty against Toronto’s Woodbine Casino. Back in September, the regulator cited an investigation that uncovered insufficient controls at the venue against cheating and collusion between employees and visitors.

The Gambling Regulator Explains the Alleged Breaches

Describing the alleged breaches, the AGCO claimed that PointsBet failed to provide assistance and properly intervene with a player who potentially was experiencing gambling harm. The Commission said that the user was able to lose more than CA$500,000 ($361,900) over three months which is why they were flagged as “high-risk,” by the gambling operator. Additionally, the same customer that kept incurring significant losses also made multiple withdrawal cancellations.

In addition to those warning signs, the AGCO alleged that PointsBet failed to enforce a mandatory 24-hour cooling-off period once the player canceled their deposit limit. Moreover, the regulator alleged the operator engaged in direct advertising without the player’s consent, offering credits, bonuses and inducements.

In light of the alleged deficiencies, the AGCO also claimed that PointsBet failed to ensure proper training for its employees on how to deal with customers who may be experiencing problem gambling. The regulator claimed that the operator failed to properly inform its employees of the importance of responsible gambling.


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