September 14, 2023 3 min read


AGCO Hits Woodbine Casino with $60K Penalty over Alleged Cheating Scheme

The monetary penalty comes after an investigation uncovered deficiencies in the venue's controls against cheating and collusion between visitors and employees

In Ontario, just like in other regulated gambling jurisdictions, there are strict rules that require casino operators to combat criminal activities, including cheating during live games. The province’s regulator, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), constantly monitors the market and implements sanctions if breaches are uncovered.

Back in April this year, the Ontario Provincial Police Investigation and Enforcement Bureau, which is a part of the AGCO, announced charges against five individuals. Allegations against the group claimed that they conspired with an electronic craps dealer and cheated at Toronto’s Woodbine Casino. Now, AGCO’s registrar announced it imposed a monetary penalty against Casino Woodbine. The CA$80,000 ($59,000) penalty comes in light of the allegations of cheating at play scheme at the aforementioned casino.

An investigation by the AGCO uncovered deficiencies and acknowledged that Casino Woodbine failed to identify or take action to prevent the alleged cheating scheme. In a statement, the regulator described that the venue failed to indicate “substantial and atypical losses from the electronic craps game over a six-month period of time.”

Additionally, the AGCO revealed that the dealer that was allegedly involved in the cheating scheme had seven procedural violations over pushing dice inappropriately to patrons before closing bets but was still permitted to continue dealing electronic craps.

Citing video records, the regulator said that the electronic craps game “lacked effective supervision” and did not follow the established procedures and rules. Finally, the regulatory watchdog said that suspicious gaming activities occurred when table game supervisors were not present.

The Regulator Will Continue Monitoring Casino Woodbine

The details regarding the new monetary penalty come after late last month, AGCO strengthened its team with the addition of Karin Schnarr. Joining the gambling regulator, she was appointed to the role of CEO and registrar. At the time, the AGCO confirmed that Schnarr’s appointment would be effective as of September 18, 2023.

Ontario’s gaming laws require casino operators to implement effective controls to limit the risk of criminal activity, including cheating and collusion between patrons and casino staff,

reads a statement released by the AGCO

Focusing on the existing regulations, the AGCO reminded operators in Ontario that they need to have effective controls against cheating and collusion between casino visitors and staff, as well as other criminal activities. Finally, it said that in addition to the imposed penalty, it will monitor the operations of Casino Woodbine to ensure proper controls are implemented that prevent cheating.


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