March 31, 2022 3 min read

PointsBet to Elevate the NCAA Betting Experience with Special Panel

PointsBet, a well-established sportsbook known for its live betting features, announced that it will feature a roundtable with unique guests who will analyze the NCAA’s Final Four. The series of live-streamed panel discussions will commence on April 2 and the main goal will be to deliver a unique betting experience.

Behavioral Specialists Will Explore Teams’ State of Minds

This is yet another unique experience offered by PointsBet, after joining forces with Playmaker. The semi-finals this year include the University of North Carolina, Duke, Kansas and Villanova.

The LIVE Insights for LIVE Bettors series by PointsBet will feature Jay Croucher (head oddsmaker at PointsBet), Carlos Boozer (former NBA and NCAA star), Scott Rouse (body language expert), and Dr Michele Kerulis (Illinois Northwestern University professor of sports psychology).

The main goal of the panel will be to explore how the state of mind of the team can affect the team dynamic and the performance of players. Kerulis stated that being a part of the Final Four in NCAA represents a culmination of hard work that the players put in during the regular season.

She also noted that for some players, the Final Four is the first time where they have to deal with “a high-pressure situation.” Kerulis said that considering the fact that everyone reacts to stress differently, the panel will aim to highlight how skill is not enough to influence a game’s outcome. Emotion also plays a huge part and she thinks that this discussion will provide sports fans with a new perspective and help them place bets in the future. As for Rouse, he will be giving in-game commentary on the body language of players and help bettors make the right decisions.

The stream will begin at 5:55 pm ET and fans will be able to watch it on Twitter and Instagram. 

Carlos Boozer, Who Wagered $50K on the Devils, to Comment

Carlos Boozer, a former Duke forward, will also be commentating on player mentality during the games and will put a special focus on the Blue Devils. Recently, he took to YouTube to announce that he placed a $50,000 bet on the Blue Devils to win the championship and if his prediction is true, then he will win $600,000.

He stated that he’s been in the same position as all Final Four players and noted that situations such as these “can either make or break you.” He also added that he’s excited to share information on how skill may bring teams closer to winning a game, but emotion, grit and heart are the deciding factors.

PointsBet USA’s chief marketing officer, Kyle Christensen, stated that the company is always looking to reimagine the sports viewing landscape and that is exactly what PointsBet aims to do with this panel.

Recently, PointsBet issued its financial health report, which shows that its net revenue improved by 27% compared to the same period in the previous year.

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