PlayUZU Signals Its Presence in Mexico with Massive Ad Campaign

After its much-anticipated debut on the Mexican market at the beginning of January, PlayUZU has launched an important ad campaign to further mark its presence in the region.

Thumbs Up-Based TV & Digital Media Ad Campaign

The Spanish version of the popular PlayOJO gaming platform fuelled by SkillOnNet has launched a campaign based on the popular “Thumbs up” concept. The campaign will air on digital media channels and television stations in the form of standard and integrated TV show ads. The campaign’s projected voice share is expected to reach the 20% mark.

The ads of the campaign that was inspired by a similar PlayOJO campaign will also be seen on social media pages, Google Search, in the form of native or programmatic ads or marketed by media influencers. Combined, all these efforts should help the brand drive significant brand awareness among the targeted Mexican audience.

The “Thumbs up” advertising campaign portrays the image of a hero excited to have finally discovered a fair and transparent casino online. The hero uses the universal thumbs-up sign to express his happiness. The character is also seen walking around the city and coming across other people enjoying the same thrills of having discovered the benefits of playing at PlayUZU. Accordingly, they are all giving the casino a thumbs up. The campaign has chosen “The transparent casino.” as a tag line.

PlayUZU’s Unique Selling Propositions

Besides aiming to further strengthen the brand’s presence in the country following its launch in January, PlayUZU plans to use the campaign to introduce more players to its unique selling propositions (USP).
One of them refers to the fact that PlayUZU is the only Mexican casino that has a zero-wagering policy on all casino winnings. This includes winnings generated by free spins and other casino bonuses. A second USP is represented by the cashback bonuses received by players on all placed bets, both winning and losing bets. The cashback funds are credited to players’ accounts on the spot, with no delays, and they can be wagered on new games or cashed out.

PlayUZU’s head of marketing for Spain and the Latin America region Helena Rico expressed the casino’s excitement for finally being able to showcase and strengthen its presence in Mexico. via televised ads and a plethora of digital media options. Rico praised the use of televised ads and a plethora of social media channels and added they are confident the campaign will allow them to directly compete with seasoned operators with a much longer presence in Mexico.

The current “Thumbs up” campaign is not PlayUZU’s only attempt to raise brand awareness in a Spanish-speaking market in recent years. At the end of January, the operator launched PlayUZU Nights, a live educational live TV show for Spanish gamblers.

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