March 1, 2022 2 min read

BACTA to Add YGAM and Betknowmore UK Gambling Training to Site

The British Amusement Catering Trade Association has become the latest organization to promote the importance of responsible gambling by making its Safer Gambling Training program accessible on the association’s dedicated bactaPortal. The program is the brainchild of YGAM and Betknowmore UK, which are focused on developing infrastructure that sheds scientific evidence into the development of better player-protection measures that are applied to the industry through paid training programs.

More Awareness for Safer Gambling Training in UK

The initiative itself consists of six levels that comply fully with the licensing conditions and codes of practice requirements set out by the UK Gambling Commission, the country’s gambling regulator. The programs focus on understanding some particular areas of the experience, including managing customer welfare, and understanding customer vulnerability.

Commenting on the new initiative bacta CEO John White said that YGAM and Betknowmore have been working together to promote safer gambling training for a while and they have become known for their efforts. The bactaPortal now has the opportunity to promote an initiative that will be “the first of many” to create safer gambling experiences for everyone involved.

“Not only will we populate the bactaPortal with additional training, we will be providing a suite of tools from AV testing logs to crime alerts that will put the bactaPortal at the top of the must-haves for the sector.”

bacta CEO John White

The training programs are paid for, but they have been a success with the charities managing to sell 14,500 total programs. The training for each program can be done online and is taking an hour or so. To continue promoting awareness about customer protection in gambling, bacta has sent its Safer Gambling Team to the EAG Conference that started today and will continue through Thursday.

YGAM and Betknowmore Welcome the Opportunity

Commenting on the efforts put in promoting responsible gambling training and campaigns, YGAM director of business development and fundraising Ian Shanahan said that he welcomed the commitment by bacta and get the support of an influential association that is prepared to assist the charities to push their mission further.

Betknowmore CEO Frankie Graham expressed a similar sentiment. He said that sector-wide commitment is needed to truly raise standards for responsible gambling training and awareness.


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