June 4, 2021 3 min read

Playmaker Capital Goes Public, Taps Jake Cassaday as COO

Jake Cassaday has joined the newly-listed Playmaker Capital as the company’s COO and is ready to support it on its mission of becoming a global leader in sports media, adding value for sports franchises, leagues, and betting companies.

Playmaker Goes Public, Jake Cassaday Steps In

Trading of Playmaker Capital’s common stock (PMKR) has started on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV). The move coincides with a quick reorganization of the executive lineup and Jake Cassaday brought in as the company’s new chief operating officer.

Cassaday is stepping in from over Relay Venture, a respected North American venture capital fund and he has supported Playmaker as one of its lead investors. Playmaker intends to continue developing its offer as a global ecosystem that allows sports and fans to engage closely and creates value for sports betting operators, leagues, sports franchises, and bluechip advertisers.

Playmaker has had its hands in various ventures and not least Futbol Sites, a digital media that facilitates the conversation between betting operators and fans across Latin America and the United States. All of this reflects on the grander ambition the company has in mind, and that is to shape itself as a digital sports media leader, as per the words of company chief executive Jordan Gnat.

According to Gnat, the company is capable to leverage the experience of its team and board of directors to create tangible value for shareholders and expand business operations in a sustainable and worthwhile fashion.

“These are exciting times in the early life of Playmaker. Our mission is to build an ecosystem of assets that will provide sports fans and our clients with outsized value,” Gnat added. The appointment of Cassaday was a welcome move, the executive said.

Creating Value for Stakeholders through

Responding to the opportunity, Cassaday argued that he was excited to be working on a freshly-listed company that is now ready to grow through acquisitions and organic strategy. Playmaker brings all under one roof, including technology, media, and sports, something that Cassaday feels strongly about in his own words.

Playmaker’s ambition is to mobilize a strong community of sports fans and extend various monetization strategies that ultimately add value for consumers and inspire loyalty for various betting companies, sports leagues and advertisers.

Prior to going public, the company successfully received a $24 million private placement with the money going into the rollout of sports media and technology products. Playmaker went public through a reverse takeover of capital pool company Apolo III Acquisition Corp. The stock is currently trading at around $0.46.


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