PlanetPay365 Becomes Official Service Partner to Torino FC

Digital payment provider PlanetPay365 has become the official Value Added Service Partner for Torino FC, an Italian topflight soccer club. The new partnership will come in effect on Saturday when Torino hosts Lazio and PlanetPay365 appearing as an official match sponsor to the event.

PlanetPay365 and Torino FC to Create Value-Added Fan Experiences

Commenting on this opportunity, Torino FC commercial director Lorenzo Barale said that PlanetPay365 is now officially part of the family of partners and will assist the team in delivering on the desired quality of soccer play.

Yet, fans have specific advantages to look forward to, assures Barale. This is what he had to say in an official statement:

This collaboration, which will officially start on the occasion of our season debut at home in Serie A against Lazio, will soon bring many advantages for our fans, who will therefore have the opportunity to access value-added services designed for them.

Torino FC commercial director Lorenzo Barale

PlanetPay365 has been created under the Planet Entertainment roof in a bid to offer multifunctional payment solutions that can boost the potential of any commercial enterprise. The company has sought strong partnerships with other soccer clubs as well, and it already has operating relationship with Roma and Fiorentina.

SKS365, the parent company of Planet Entertainment, has also welcomed this opportunity. According to company CCO Troy Cox, the partnership with Torino helps consolidate its presence in Serie A, the Italian topflight soccer league. He added:

The agreement will allow us to make the most of the ‘interactive’ nature of our offer: together with Torino, we will be engaged in joint engagement activities, with the aim of increasing the level of sports entertainment and making the company even more unique and original.

SKS365 CCO Troy Cox

Payment providers are increasingly popular sponsors to soccer clubs which have had to reduce their exposure to gambling sponsorships over the past years in multiple jurisdictions across Europe.

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