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MGC Fines Encore Boston Nightclub $25,000 for Overserving Liquor 

Encore Boston Harbor Hotel and Casino’s Memoire nightclub drew the ire of local regulators after several incidents involving excessive amounts of alcohol served to clients. The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) fined the venue $25,000 and demanded additional staff training and stricter enforcement of bottle service policies.

Memoire Overserved Clients on Several Occasions

According to the official statement by the MGC, the fine resulted from multiple cases where Memoire nightclub failed to comply with alcohol service requirements. Heather Hall, the commission’s chief enforcement counsel, drew attention to five notable incidents of over-service.

The over-service was as a result of improper administration of bottle service during those times.

Heather Hall, MGC chief enforcement counsel

Massachusetts regulations require servers to remove liquor bottles from the table when they are not present in a bottle service area and never allow patrons to fill their own glasses. Establishments that offer liquor also have restrictions on over-serving and must abide by strict rules. According to Hall, pouring alcohol directly into a client’s mouth is considered “egregious conduct” and is strictly prohibited. 

Memoire Pledged to Address the Issues

In addition to the $25,000 fine, Memoire is required to take significant corrective action. The measures include additional staff training, increased manager oversight, and revised bottle service policies. The nightclub has accepted the fine and agreed to comply fully with the regulator’s requirements.

We appreciate that Big Night… has agreed to… address the issues that led to this fine, and (we) will be working closely with them to ensure that the agreed-upon corrective action plan is successful.

Heather Hall, MGC chief enforcement counsel

Although enforcing alcohol service requirements appears unusual for a gaming regulator, Memoire nightclub remains part of Encore Boston Harbor, a licensed gambling operator. This fact gives the MGC the authority to sanction all infractions on its property. The commission has reaffirmed its dedication to safeguarding customers in all aspects of the gambling industry.

The Fine Is a Drop in the Ocean for the Casino Resort

Although the Massachusetts Gaming Commission has a reputation as one of the strictest US regulators, the recent fine is insignificant compared to Encore Boston Harbor’s profits. The casino is one of only three regulated venues operating in Massachusetts and performed significantly better than the competing MGM Springfield and Plainridge Park.

In April, Encore Boston reported gross gaming revenue (GGR) of $63.7 million, a 26% year-to-year increase. As a Category 1 resort casino, it pays 25% of its GGR in taxes, contributing substantially to the state’s bottom line. The casino was responsible for over half of April’s total GGR and gambling taxes.

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