December 9, 2022 2 min read


Pixbet Becomes Official Sponsor for Corinthians’ Men’s Team

Pixbet has signed a sponsorship partnership with the Brazilian soccer club Corinthians. The partnership and the club will work together for the next three years. The partnership covers the men’s team, and it will feature digital content, activations, various promotions and marketing communications, exclusive offers to sports fans, and more.

Pixbet Partners with Corinthians in Brazil

Commenting on this opportunity Pixibet partner and co-founder Ernildo Júnior said that he welcomed the opportunity to expand the operator’s footprint in the country:

Pixbet has become one of the largest companies in the segment by always being at the forefront, with a daring and dynamic, but very realistic approach.

Pixibet partner and co-founder Ernildo Júnior

Pixbet partner Tadeu Dantas also joined the conversation and said that the opportunity to team up with Corinthians is a welcome one for the operator. The team itself has a 35-million-strong fanbase which will give a significant boost to Pixbet’s own presence in the market and help reach new audiences.

Corinthians president Duilio Monteiro Alves was similarly pleased with the partnership and said that he was happy to embark on this new journey, which is well-aligned with the company’s management philosophy and a good way to try and generate additional revenue. Alves added:

There is a lot of news and good things out there. I have no doubt that Fiel will embrace this initiative more, which will bring many benefits to everyone and will make Corinthians even more competitive on and off the pitch.

Corinthians president Duilio Monteiro Alves

Pixbet already sponsors a number of Serie A and Serie B clubs in Brazil, and the company has been working to actively expand its footprint with global sports audiences by targeting specific clubs and teams. In November, Pixbet and We Are Technology signed a partnership, covering the Brazilian market.

As a result, Pixbet will leverage We Are Technology’s solutions to boost its own solution, along with Fantasy League products now available on the operator’s F2P website


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