November 21, 2022 3 min read


We Are Technology Group Joins Forces with PixBet in Brazil

The provider of leading technology software services, We Are Technology Group, announced a new partnership with PixBet, the famous Brazilian operator and PixStar, PixBet’s parent company.

PixBet Unveils New Collaboration with We Are Technology

We Are Technology Group teamed up with Inside the Pocket for the new collaboration which was announced Monday. The terms of the new deal see We Are Technology provide its leading services for PixBet. Under the terms of the deal, the company will offer its video product for What’s more, the collaboration will bring We Are Technology’s Fantasy League products for PixBet’s popular free-to-play (F2P) website

The new collaboration comes as no surprise, considering the number of soccer stars being produced by Brazil. In fact, Brazil may be the home of the most soccer stars out of any other country in the globe. What’s more, PixBet is the first bookmaker in the country to team up with the 2022 World Cup in Qatar which started this weekend. This means that the company’s clients will benefit from engaging content and up-to-date news around the clock.

Further catering to Brazil’s passionate soccer fan base, the aforementioned F2P site by PixBet offers unique experiences. In addition, the company offers a F2P soccer fantasy league via its website PixJogos. Thanks to the latest deal, PixJogos will now benefit from We Are Technology’s leading fantasy products.

Focusing on the World Cup, We Are Technology revealed the launch of two F2P fantasy league games for PixJogo called Bolão do Milhão and Previsões Da Copa. Each of the games offers unique fan engagement options just in time for the long-awaited World Cup in Qatar.

The Deal Marks an Important Moment for PixBet

Dave Hickey, We Are Technology’s head of sports and managed services, said that the collaboration with PixBet marks an exciting moment for the company. He acknowledged that PixBet’s team is ambitious and offers the best sportsbook services in Brazil. Hickey added: “With betting volumes continuously increasing for PixBet it creates massive excitement on the trading floor of We Are Technology Group each day.”

We love working together with such a great team.

Dave Hickey, head of sports and managed services at We Are Technology Group

When it comes to the F2P games, Hickey said that they will bring unique engagement opportunities for Brazillian soccer fans. He added that the company’s prediction game gives fans the chance to win a million-dollar prize by using their knowledge. Finally, Hickey outlined: “It is another step in their incredible journey and gives customers another reason to be excited about every World Cup game.”

Being at the World Cup is a giant step for PixBet.

Ernildo Santos, founder of PixBet

Ernildo Santos, PixBet’s founder, added that being at the forefront of the World Cup marks an important step for the company. He explained that the company is proud to achieve this and acknowledged that the deal with We Are Technology marks another exciting moment. Last but not least, Santos pointed out that the new deal boosts PixBet’s video services just in time for the World Cup.


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