January 18, 2022 3 min read


PickGuru Forays Into the UK With an Exciting Jackpot Offering

PickGuru, a social betting platform describing itself as an exciting and ambitious social gaming disruptor is now available to bettors in the United Kingdom.

PickGuru Launches a Game

To celebrate the occasion, PickGuru has offered local punters a tempting $1.36 million jackpot for its UltimateGuru game. UltimateGuru is a prediction game that will have fans guess the outcomes of 12 of 2022’s biggest sporting events.

Should a player divine all 12 outcomes correctly, they would win the competition and receive the big jackpot. There is also a smaller prize of $34,000 that is sure to be won by one of the participants.  Olly Roland-Jones, the chief executive of PickGuru, spoke on the matter:

“We’re absolutely thrilled to launch in the UK market and we are arriving with a bang.”

PickGuru CEO Olly Roland-Jones

Adults in the United Kingdom can download PickGuru on their Android or Apple phones and sign up for UltimateGuru. The first event is in a few weeks, so players have until February 4 to decide.

If UltimateGuru turns out to be to their likings, players can also try some of PickGuru’s other offerings. The platform has a list of various daily and weekly football and golf prediction games that fans of sports betting can try out.

What Should Bettors Know About UltimateGuru?

Here are more details on how to participate in UltimateGuru and have a shot at the $1.36 million jackpot:

After downloading the application and registering, users have to pay a $14 fee to join the event. Each user can have more than one entry, to a total of 30. More entries mean a higher chance of getting the jackpot. UltimateGuru allows for a maximum of 35,000 entries in total.

Then, entrants will be tasked with predicting the outcomes of some of the biggest sports events of 2022. Those include the following:

  • FIFA World Cup (soccer)
  • Premier League (soccer)
  • Europa League (soccer)
  • Champions League (soccer)
  • Women’s Euro 22 (soccer)
  • Six Nations (rugby union)
  • Masters (golf)
  • Open Championship (golf)
  • Wimbledon (tennis)
  • Formula One Drivers’ Championship (motor racing)
  • T20 World Cup (cricket)
  • World Snooker Championship (snooker)

Players who guess the winner will get 100 points, the players who correctly predict the runner-up will get 60, and those who manage to divine who will end up in third place in each event will get 30 points. All players whose predictions get them to the top 10% of participants will be eligible for various prizes.

The jackpot is reserved for a player who correctly picks all 12 winners. In case of a tie, the winners will share the prize.

The event will run until December, when the final of the 12 events, the FIFA World Cup, will take place. This means that bettors who chose PickGuru are up for a whole year of engagement.


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