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Petition for Lifting Parimatch Sanctions Goes to the President

Parimatch believes it was wrongly sanctioned but the presidential review is a chance to rectify that mistake

Gambling operator Parimatch may still evade the sanctions it received from the Ukrainian government earlier this year after a petition calling for the sanctions to be lifted garnered more than 25,000 signatures.

Signatures Gathered Ahead of Deadline Date

Parimatch, alongside 287 other companies and 120 individuals, was barred from operating in Ukraine in the next 50 years, following a presidential executive order in March which considered these businesses were utilizing gambling schemes and working against the country.

Since then the operator has ceased operations, leaving customer funds in limbo but the petition now gives hope that the sanctions could be lifted: under Ukrainian law, a public petition that has received support from 25,000 people should be passed on to the president for review, giving the president 10 days to respond.

Energame’s managing partner, Maxym Liashko, outlined that the petition showed that the Ukrainian people agree that the people behind Parimatch “are Ukrainian patriots” who have supported their country from day one of the Russian invasion. Energame is the management company behind Parimatch.

The Mistake Made Can Now Be Rectified

The Ukraine-based bookmaker also immediately took steps “to terminate any remaining business in the aggressor country” and cut ties with third-party Russian entities and Liashko believes that Parimatch ended on that list by mistake, an opinion also shared by Ukraine’s Gambling Council (UGC).

We all agree that it is the right and the duty of Ukrainian authorities to sanction entities or individuals that seek to undermine the country.

Maxym Liashko, managing partner, Energame

Liashko highlighted the importance of sanctions as a tool against Russia but also implied that “mistakes are sometimes made” and that any sanctions regime should utilize “a robust review and appeal system” to rectify such mistakes.

At the time of the sanctions, Parimatch was vocal in denying any claims that its business was somehow connected with Russian activity and later on, the gambling operator provided independent legal expert opinion to confirm that all third-party license agreements with Russian entities were terminated in March.

Since the start of the war in February 2022, Parimatch has donated more than UAH 547 million ($14 million) and supported initiatives aimed at helping Ukrainian refugees abroad by offering them jobs.

Parimatch said in a statement that “as an international company proud of its strong Ukrainian roots,” the business will continue to provide unwavering support to Ukraine’s efforts to restore its sovereignty.

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