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Ivo Doroteia Takes the Helm at Playbook Engineering, Promising Enduring Success

The new CEO is an industry veteran with substantial management experience and a people-focused mindset

With his extensive background and proven track record in the gaming and technology sectors, Doroteia can lead Playbook Engineering into a new era of innovation and growth. His passion for improvement and focus on proactive action aligns perfectly with Playbook Engineering’s vision and will be instrumental in its ambition to remain a global iGaming leader.

20 Years in the Industry Gave Doroteia Unparalleled Insight

Doroteia seemingly possesses all the necessary qualities to head a prominent global betting platform provider like Playbook Engineering. With a background in law and over two decades of relative industry experience, the new CEO seems like the perfect fit. His substantial knowledge will be instrumental in realizing his vision of the company’s future, ensuring its products remain at the cutting edge.

Before joining Playbook Engineering, Doroteia worked primarily in the iGaming, lottery, and sports betting industry, excelling at leadership positions in many high-profile companies. His career in the sector kicked off in May 2000 as he became executive director at Sport Lisboa e Benfica, heading the club’s gambling area.

The new CEO’s successes quickly propelled him to new and exciting positions like co-managing director of gambling-focused holding Nacionalconsult and COO of the Global Lottery Corporation, a leading supplier of proprietary gaming solutions. In January 2020, Doroteia landed his first CEO position as head of the B2C iGaming company Betomall, propelling his career to new heights.

Playbook Engineering Seems in Capable Hands

Doroteia’s prior leadership experience should translate very well to his current position. His time as CEO & Co-Founder of iGaming freelance and consulting company Lottus360 bolstered his already impressive industry knowledge, helping him remain in touch with the most pressing needs of operators. This familiarity with current technical and financial challenges will be invaluable in guiding Playbook Engineering’s strategy.

I’m delighted to… impart my knowledge across the company to ensure our product drives change in the industry.

Ivo Doroteia, Playbook Engineering CEO

The new CEO has displayed an active management style, preferring to stay at the front lines and lead by example. March saw Doroteia attend Gaming Insights Brazil, discussing the industry’s most pressing challenges. He was confident that Playbook Engineering possessed the best platform for regulated markets, promising to popularize the company’s offerings and usher innovation.

Doroteia’s appointment marks an exciting new chapter for Playbook Engineering. The new CEO is well-equipped to drive the company’s growth, foster innovation, and strengthen its focus on quality, reliability, and innovation. With his strategic vision and the collective expertise of the Playbook Engineering team, the provider is poised to achieve new milestones and exceed the expectations of its clients and partners.

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