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Paf Confirms Plans to Continue grit:lab Tech Education Program

Applications for the program are open through December this year while the program is expected to launch for students next autumn

Two years ago, the Nordic gaming group, Paf, announced the launch of an innovative tech education program called grit:lab. After it was presented, the program started accepting admissions and a year later, it started educating students. By now, 60 students from 20 countries around the world are in their final year of the intensive tech education program.

Building on the success of the first year, Paf confirmed Monday that the program will continue. The company revealed that applications for the grit:lab program will be open through December 2023 with online tests up until February 2024. According to Paf, the new group of students will start its grit:lab studies next autumn.

Paf’s education program within grit:lab represents a unique product that enables students to learn from each other without the need for teachers. The program is fast-paced and not everyone might find it suitable. However, for those participating, grit:lab helped accumulate important skills, including as time management, leadership and leveraging innovation.

A schedule released by Paf reveals that grit:lab includes four different phases. Throughout the education program, students will learn programming languages, including Go! and JavaScript. Each of the phases lasts for six months and culminates with Phase 4 which presents specialization options in different areas, including Cybersecurity, DevOps, Mobile Development, Blockchain and Crypto and other important tech verticals.

Crucially, grit:lab meets students with different backgrounds and enables them to collaborate together, promoting personal growth and an open mindset. The tech education program is completed in collaboration with Ålands Yrkesgymnasium on behalf of the Government of Åland, an autonomous region of Finland.

The Program Is Expected to Make Åland a Nordic Tech Hub

Anna-Lena Svenblad, the development director for Paf and director of grit:lab, revealed that the company saw approval from visiting groups and students for its tech education program. “It is a form of education that will meet the future needs of the job market,” she added.

The fantastic response we have received both from the students and from many visiting groups is proof that there is a need for this type of education.

Anna-Lena Svenblad, development director for Paf and director of grit:lab

Additionally, Svenblad explained that the program teaches students how to adopt and learn new technologies. According to her, grit:lab teaches important skills related to communication, troubleshooting, time management and self-leadership. Ultimately, those skills in combination with extensive training help the students to grow.

grit:lab is a complement to traditional education and it will contribute to making Åland a tech hub in the Nordics.

Daniela Johansson, deputy CEO and chief responsibility officer at Paf

Daniela Johansson, Paf’s deputy CEO and chief responsibility officer, praised the tech education program, predicting it will help develop Åland as a major technology hub for the Nordics. Finally, she spoke about the positive impact Paf’s program brings.


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