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TribalHub Announced Date for 2023 Tribal Cybersecurity Summit

The summit will look to update tribal executives on the latest achievements in cybersecurity

TribalHub, a community of tribal industry leaders focused on the latest developments in technology and security, announced that the 2023 Tribal Cybersecurity Summit would take place on March 9.

Preparation Is Key

The third edition of the Tribal Cybersecurity Summit will be free to attend for people working for a tribe, tribal health center, or tribal enterprise, while vendors interested in attending should become sponsors of the online seminar.

“With effort and education, many tribes are getting smarter, putting better cybersecurity practices into place, improving their ability to respond to incidents,” said Mike Day, chief executive officer of TribalHub, outlining the importance of having in place “secure backups, disaster recovery, and incident response.”

Day believes that it is all about raising the level of preparedness and making it more difficult for hackers, and while there was no event of a major public shutdown of a casino due to a cyberattack recently, threats continue to exist and small breaches happen almost every week.

The event seeking to help tribes enhance their level of cybersecurity and adopt a response to possible threats will feature 10 sessions on the day and a virtual trade show displaying the latest achievements in the area of cybersecurity.

The sessions will also be recorded and available to hear in the next 48 hours as some of them will take place simultaneously.

Brief Summit Agenda List

The 2023 Tribal Cybersecurity Summit will begin with a session on what is trending in cybersecurity and the new threats, followed by a technically-oriented session on disaster recovery taking place simultaneously with a broad session for non-technical executives.

The summit will then continue with two other simultaneous sessions: on cybersecurity from a regulatory point of view, and implementing cybersecurity on a limited budget, followed by a discovery session that will present the latest products developed by the summit’s sponsors and how they can help tribal enterprises.

After the discovery session, the virtual trade show will take place providing participants with an opportunity to engage with the 2023 Tribal Cybersecurity Summit sponsors and have their questions answered.

Upon completion of the trade show, there will be two sessions running concurrently: one on the risk posed by third parties, and another based on the aftermath of a significant security event. The event will conclude with a session on cyber insurance.

The 2023 Tribal Cybersecurity Summit is part of TribalHub’s continued effort to help tribes and tribal enterprises to prepare for an effective response to cybersecurity threats and educate tribal personnel on best industry practices.

TribalHub was also instrumental in setting up the Tribal Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Tribal-ISAC), a non-profit platform providing education on prevention and mitigation, as well as warnings on cyberattacks on tribes and their enterprises.

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