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Optimove Secures Graphyte to Create “Holistic Player Journeys”

Optimove has announced the successful acquisition of Graphyte, a platform created by former Ladbrokes employees Damien Evans and Rob Davis. Graphyte was acquired for an undisclosed sum and will now help Optimove deliver on an even broader range of technological tools for the gambling industry.

Optimove Secures Graphyte to Empower Businesses and Players through Tech

Graphyte focuses on deploying personalized recommendations for consumers who participate in various aspects of the iGaming experience. The company’s main strength is its scalability, making it an important addition to a previous asset purchase, Kumulos, which was completed by Optimove in March.

Optimove continues to target its M&A moves with the sole purpose of ensuring that it provides players with the most comprehensive engagement options through its end-to-end platform. The company will use its own CRM marketing solutions and add them to Graphyte’s existing product offering to ensure better overall experience for all parties involved.

Pini Yakuel, Optimove founder and CEO, was pleased with the latest addition to the group as it seeks to create better iGaming experiences for everyone involved. The executive confirmed that Optimove remained committed to achieving the best technological standards in iGaming and beyond, saying:

As evident from this acquisition, and of Kumulos earlier this year, we’re very serious about ramping up our never-ending quest to expand marketing teams’ capabilities and effectiveness. Graphyte’s machine learning and personalization capabilities are way ahead of the curve.

Pini Yakuel, Optimove founder and CEO

Yakuel is confident that the company’s acquisition of Graphyte creates new opportunities for engagement with customers and clients in the iGaming industry. Optimove’s existing data sets will only add to the models used by Graphyte and further elevate the technological capabilities and results.

Focusing on Creating Personalized Player Journeys

More importantly, though, operators will be able to offer players personalized journeys that will factor in their preferences and allocate the appropriate experiences. The companies called this process “holistic player journeys” like have never been seen before.

Graphyte CEO Damien Evans was similarly pleased with the deal and what it signified for the company and its future. He explained:

If you add to that equation Graphyte’s market-leading machine learning personalization capabilities, the result is a game changing marketing tool which will create unprecedented freedom for brands to realize their CRM marketing visions

Graphyte CEO Damien Evans

Everyone on Graphyte’s end was pleased with Optimove’s proposal and acquisition, Evans said, communicating his optimism about the future of the two companies.


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