Odds On Compliance Launching Playbook in Canada

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Odds On Compliance is largely considered the industry leader in the technology and consultancy firms space, and specializes in sports betting online gaming, and – as the name suggests – gambling regulatory compliance. The company just launched outside the US in Canada, and it’s a big step for all sides involved.

Reaching Outside the US

Odds On Compliance released a press statement about its revolutionary Playbook product launching in Canada with support from Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP – a Canadian law firm, with access to the product available on Tuesday, September 20, 2022. Eric Frank, CEO, and co-founder of Odds On Compliance commented that he is going to “work closely with the Osler team to provide Playbook users with even more gaming regulations”, adding the Canadian market to the list of operations.

This is a great move, as the sports betting industry in Ontario, for example, has had some time to pick up speed since its April 4 launch earlier this year, with other states launching at various times throughout last year, all working hard to prepare and launch as close to the industry launch date of August 27, 2021, following news that C-218 was passed which legalized single-game sports betting in the country. The access to such a technologically game-changing product should definitely help not only operators that wish to expand into Canada but also those that have already taken a foothold there.

2022 – Growth, Solidifying Market Leading Position

This is not the first step in Odds On Compliance’s expansion roadmap, however, it is going to prove a great benefit for the Canadian market as a whole, as there’s no alternative product in its sports betting industry yet. Sports betting has proved to be especially successful in Ontario, regardless of the hurdles it took to get there. Of course, Odds On Compliance hasn’t been sitting on its hands in the meantime, with 2022 being an especially hot year for the industry-leading technology and consultancy star firm.

At the very beginning of the year, a group of investors led by venture capital firm SeventySix Capital had made a strategic investment into Odds On Compliance, with Tekkorp Capital also joining at the same time. This is one of the many factors that soon led to the creation of Odds On Compliance’s groundbreaking Playbook product, which was launched in April this year. It was the first platform in the world that offered a continually updated set of regulatory information that was made readily available through intuitive and revolutionary technology. Technology that has helped companies such as Huddle to navigate their own expansions into the US market, for example.

Odds On Compliance isn’t just dealing with companies from outside the US, of course. More and more companies are seeking an easier way into complying with increasingly complex regulatory requirements, so compliance consultancies are definitely picking up speed. Odds On Compliance even struck a deal with Compliable, which is itself a gaming licensing firm. The agreement will see Odds On Compliance lending its expertise with the White Glove Onboarding service, that Compliable offers to its clients, which is on a very basic level a two-hour compliance consultation that operators can take advantage of. To many, the deal only solidifies Odds On Compliance’s position as the undisputed technological leader in its niche.

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