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Odds On Compliance Launched Game-Changing Playbook

Technology and consultancy sports betting, online gaming and gambling regulatory specialist Odds On Compliance announced the launch of its game-changing regulatory technology platform Playbook.

Technology Fused with Continuously Updated Information

The new technology platform Playbook launched by Odds On Compliance is the world’s first to provide a comprehensive overview of US state statutes, regulations, technical bulletins and requirements to support regulatory and compliance efforts of sports wagering and iGaming operators.

Commenting on the news, Odds On Compliance chief executive officer and co-founder Eric Frank outlined Playbook as the “one-of-a-kind technology” fused with “continuously updated information” from the “ever-evolving regulatory and compliance landscape in the gaming space,” expressing his strong belief the platform would soon become “the industry’s go-to resource” for efficient navigation of the “complex regulatory frameworks,” initially in the US, and later internationally.

“As experts in the gaming field, who work in and rely on these documents day in and day out, the Odds On team knows first-hand how crucial it is for businesses entering or operating in this space to have quick, easy access to the most accurate and up-to-date information.”

Eric Frank, CEO and Co-Founder, Odds On Compliance

Updated in real-time and state-by-state, Playbook, which provides access to state document libraries, ensuring documents reflect all current data available across repositories of state regulatory agencies, will be offered to Odds On Compliance customers in three tiers, with the basic level available upon registration and free-of-charge.

Seeking to Solve ‘The Problems of Tomorrow’

Mark Scrivo, chief technology officer and co-founder of Odds On Compliance, emphasized the technology powering Playbook’s offering as the “driver behind the tool’s power.”

“We’ve built Playbook to not only solve the industry’s problems of today, but also to anticipate solving the problems of tomorrow. We’re excited to roll out additional features and jurisdictions over the next few months and look forward to the industry digging into Playbook.”

Mark Scrivo, CTO and Co-Founder, Odds On Compliance

The second tier, Playbook+, will be available for an early look to industry experts throughout April and all interested parties will gain access via the company’s website by completing a request form. The tier provides some unique features such as state homepages, the cross-jurisdictional comparison tool Versus, alerts, built-in statutes and regulation definitions, embedded annotation functionality, and team collaboration.

The third tier, PlaybookAI, expands the product offering by adding cross-state search functionality based on Odds On Compliance’s proprietary natural language and text classification artificial intelligence (AI) model.

All gambling industry members seeking a one-stop source of up-to-date regulatory information across US gaming jurisdictions will have access to Playbook in May.

The gaming regulatory compliance business which was born in September 2021 after a rebranding of the EDF Compliance consultancy attracted significant investor interest in January, including from SeventySix Capital and Tekkorp Capital, to propel its further expansion.

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