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Odds On Compliance Announces Launch of Playbook Europe

The technology and consultancy firm that has focused on sports betting, iGaming and gambling regulatory compliance is now launching its latest product on the European market

The Playbook Europe is a comprehensive overview of the regulatory environment across a number of verticals, including daily fantasy sports, iLottery, sports betting, igaming, and land-based properties. This project is an ambitious aggregate that will help stakeholders be up to date with all they need to know about specific jurisdictions, prior to business entry.

Playbook Arrives in Europe to Help Businesses Steer Regulatory Landscape

The fact that Odds On Compliance is launching the product in Europe, one of the most strictly regulated regions when it comes to gambling, is a testimony to the company’s confidence in its own products and the ability to navigate complex regulatory frameworks swiftly and efficiently.

Odds On Compliance has not achieved this on its own, having partnered with a number of legal companies, including OKA Avocats in France, Asensi Abogados SLP in Spain, Nordic Gambling in Denmark and Sweden, and Wiggin LLP in the United Kingdom. Commenting on this achievement, Odds On Compliance CEO and co-founder Eric Frank said:

This is another step forward in the evolution of our technology. This is an opportunity to bring our innovative solutions to a wider audience. We understand the unique regulatory landscape of Europe, and we’re excited to navigate these compliance complexities and provide cutting-edge technology to the industry in partnership with some of the leading law firms in the industry.

Odds On Compliance CEO and co-founder Eric Frank

Growth in Europe Aligned with Odds On Compliance’s Strategy

Odds On Compliance president of Europe Cheryl Jones was similarly pleased with the expansion of the Playbook product to Europe. This is the next step for the company as it seeks to deliver the highest level of trust and transparency to partners and help accelerate their growth and success.

The company remains committed to its core mission which is to provide stakeholders with the best possible course of action through the often complicated legal frameworks for products such as iLottery, iGaming sports betting, and more. Odds On Compliance already launched its beta on March 1 in the United States. The company also launched a dedicated Marketing Affiliate Licensing Portal, expanding the scope of businesses it serves and helps shortly after Playbook’s launch.


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