March 6, 2023 3 min read


Odds On Compliance Launches Licensing Portal to Help Affiliates

Odds On Compliance has launched the Marketing Affiliate Licensing Portal to support companies looking to obtain a license in the US

The technology and consultancy company that focuses on sports betting, online gaming, gambling compliance and regulatory frameworks will assist affiliate marketers eager to penetrate the US market through its newly released licensing tool launched in the beta stage. 

More Streamlined Licensing Processes for Affiliates 

By using Odds On Compliance’s fresh Marketing Affiliate Licensing Portal, iGaming and sports betting affiliates will enjoy a smoother and more streamlined process of acquiring a license in the US. This will be possible through a number of new services. 

Among them, is an automated license submission service for affiliates looking to significantly speed up the process of entering the American market, along with the provision of licensing information and additional support on compliance-related subjects. The same portal will allow affiliate companies to easily track down and check the status of their license application right after submission. 

Even more, the Odds On Compliance team of experts will also be given a dedicated point of access that will allow them to provide the necessary guidelines and services throughout the entire duration of the application process.

According to Odds On Compliance’s chief executive officer Eric Frank, the new tool is expected to significantly simplify “the lives of affiliate bosses.” Frank further explained that his company will continue to be involved in leveraging technology to ease compliance requirements while helping clients reach regulatory compliance and keeping the impact at a minimum with the help of similar tools.

The new solution will therefore be used to provide all the needed tools for marketers to remain ahead of their game and keep up with the constantly evolving legislation in the industry. 

The Portal’s Full Launch, Soon to Come  

The Marketing Affiliate Licensing Portal has been launched in the beta stage for affiliate marketers interested in adopting the tool as soon as possible. 

The full launch has been scheduled for a later time. The new portal joins other important and similar solutions launched by Odds On Compliance with the same desire to support e iGaming and the sports betting industry.

In February, Odds On Compliance announced the completion of PlaybookAI Beta at the end of an extensive review and testing phase. The company also decided upon the official launch date for March 1, 2023. PlaybookAI Beta is expected to revolutionize the way companies manage, use, and supervise regulatory data and information. 

At the end of January, Odds On Compliance appointed Cheryl Jones as its president responsible for leading its European division and replicating its success in the American market. 

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