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NSW Lotto Winner Hits AU$13M Jackpot, Says He Will Continue to Work

The man from Sydney initially thought that he won AU$13 when he was shocked to realize that his win was actually AU$13.3 million

Three lucky Oz Lotto players secured a $13,333,333.34 prize each after guessing correctly the winning numbers from the popular game’s draw last night. The winning numbers from Oz Lotto Draw 1580 included 10, 15, 29, 31, 42, 5 and 13, as well as supplementary numbers 17, 40 and 39.

One of the lucky winners of the jackpot on Tuesday initially thought that he won a much smaller prize. The man in question, whose name was not disclosed is in his 30s. He initially thought that he won only AU$13 ($8.60). To the man’s surprise, he actually won AU$13 million ($8.6 million), a completely life-changing sum.

The lucky winner, who was quoted by Mirage, revealed that he received a notification on his phone while he was having dinner. The message encouraged him to check his Oz Lottery ticket. Although he thought that this was a scam, the man soon checked his ticket through the lottery app.

Once he logged into the app, he saw confetti on his phone’s screen. “I thought I’d won $13 at first,” he said. But soon, the man realized that he won a piece of the game’s jackpot. The Lidcombe man undoubtedly will always remember Tuesday night’s lottery drawing.

No Plans for Retirement At All

Despite winning the hefty prize, the young man confirmed that he doesn’t plan to retire. Instead, the entrepreneur said that he would continue working. The man said he would help his family while also using some of the money he won for his business. “It’s going to be life-changing! I’m going to have a bottle of champagne to celebrate,” he revealed.

I’m going to keep working. I don’t plan on retiring at all. I’m going to put some of the prize into my business and I’m going to help my family,

explained the lucky lottery winner

The latest win comes after a lucky Australian made history earlier this month by winning the massive AU$150 million ($99.5 million) Powerball jackpot. The incredibly lucky lottery player was able to scoop up the prize from Thursday’s drawing. Per data from the lottery, an estimated half of the Australian adult population bought a ticket in hopes of winning the mind-blowing jackpot prize.


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