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Australian Wins AU$150M Powerball Jackpot to Make History

While most eyes have been riveted on the US Powerball, a major win was scored in the Down Under with one ticket scooping the entire reward amount

A single ticket in South Australia claimed the largest prize to date in the country with one lucky soul producing the winning numbers in the Thursday draw that saw the AU$150 million Powerball jackpot drop.

Single Ticket Wins Huge AU$150M Jackpot in Australia

The lucky numbers 18, 29, 34, 8, 4, 28, and 6 with Powerball number 11 were pinpointed by a single player who was fortunate enough to win the reward for themselves. Nine other players ended up with second-place prizes amounting to $276,036.95 each, making it one of the most successful Powerball draws for ticketholders in the history of the game.

Another 261 tickets won third place, being awarded $11,833.85 each. Although the name of the grand prize winner is not yet known, there is already speculation as to what they may do with the money when they get it.

For one, most winners opt for a lump sum payment rather than an annuity, unsure if the money will be there if they let them trickle in bit by bit year in and year out. This comes with steeper upfront taxes but is often the most welcomed option by big lotto winners.

Commenting on the results, Powerball representative Anna Hobdell said that her experience showed that lottery winners tended to spend their money on new homes and cars, with a meaningful chunk set aside for investment and pure savings. Once, this has been sorted, many people tend to step way out of their comfort zone to pursue some quirkier or spur-of-the-moment hobbies, Hobdell explained.

According to her, more than half of the winners allocated half of the prize to invest in their future, with 40% helping out friends and family. Another 35% purchased a new car, and 26% used the money to also pay off mortgage or buy a new home.

Half of All Adult Australians Tried Their Luck on the Prize

The AU$150 million payout is the largest on record and it galvanized Australians into trying their luck at producing a successful outcome. Based on the lottery’s statistics, half of adult Australians have tried their luck at the Powerball in the recent draw, showing how popular the lottery has become.

Hobdell was unable to confirm the name of the winner just yet, but she said that she was equally excited to contact the ticketholder as soon as the opportunity presented itself. In the meantime, lottery sales are ticking up in Australia, with consumers spending more than $7 billion on lottery tickets and various lottery games annually as of 2021. The number has increased since.

The latest result is also the biggest single-prize won in Australia, with the previous record held by a woman who won $107 million off from the Powerball.


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