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Novomatic Expands Asia-Pacific Presence with New Partnership

Tecnet Asia will help expand Novomatic’s service infrastructure, becoming the provider’s official distribution partner

This strategic collaboration aims to strengthen Novomatic’s market presence in some of its most promising jurisdictions, capitalizing on the Asia-Pacific region’s thriving gaming sector. The two companies will leverage their mutual strengths to effectively Novomatic’s innovative gaming products and solutions, ensuring a wider reach and increased accessibility for its offerings.

Both Companies Will Leverage Their Strengths

As a trusted casino sales management and technical support provider, Tecnet Asia brings its expertise and regional knowledge to ensure the smooth operations and efficient distribution of Novomatic’s gaming solutions. The collaboration aims to optimize sales numbers, improve after-sales support and customer service, and enhance the overall experience for partners in the Asia-Pacific.

Tecnet’s over 40 years of experience make the company a natural choice as a distribution partner. Novomatic head of direct sales Christoph Jeitler lauded the other company’s proven networking and technical support capacities. He noted that Tecnet’s in-depth understanding of customer preferences in the region was a perfect fit for Novomatic’s long-term ambitions.

The partnership with Tecnet Asia is another milestone for our strategy to bringing Novomatic gaming equipment back on the map in the Philippine casino market.

Christoph Jeitler, Novomatic head of direct sales

Such an agreement also presents significant opportunities for Tecnet as the company will benefit from Novomatic’s rising popularity and enduring global success. The developer’s industry-leading portfolio of casino management tools and solutions, electronic table games, and video slot cabinets should attract significant interest, bolstering both businesses’ market share.

The Philippines Market Holds Significant Potential

Partnering with a local expert like Tecnet will be instrumental in advancing Novomatic’s ambitions. The developer has set its eyes on the Philippines as a lucrative market for the gaming industry, driven by increasing disposable incomes, rising tourism, and a growing appetite for entertainment. Novomatic recognizes the immense potential in this region, justifying the company’s significant investments.

Novomatic products already have an excellent history of success in the Philippine market, and I am convinced that our portfolio contains many…top-performing solutions for the region.

Thomas Schmalzer, Novomatic VP global sales and product management 

By combining their strengths, the two companies can navigate the unique regulatory landscape, leverage local market insights, and provide tailored gaming solutions that resonate with players. Novomatic’s rising brand recognition and history of success will be invaluable in driving growth as the supplier consolidates its core markets and focuses on new opportunities.

Novomatic’s strategic partnership with Tecnet marks an exciting chapter in the company’s expansion plans in the Asia-Pacific region. Leveraging such a strong distribution partner with a well-established service infrastructure in the Philippines will enable the supplier to enhance its market presence, reach a broader customer base, and mirror its success in other jurisdictions.

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