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NOVOMATIC Closes HBG Acquisition Deal

NOVOMATIC, a full-service provider in the gaming industry and one of the biggest gaming tech companies in Europe, has consolidated its international expansion with the acquisition of HBG Group. The move cemented the company as one of the biggest concessionaires in Italy.

NOVOMATIC Has Acquired HBG Gaming

NOVOMATIC has been operating in Italy for more than 15 years now and has become a true leader in the gaming tech sector. Italy, which is one of the largest gaming markets in terms of revenue the in world, is famous for its love for video lottery terminals (VLPs).

HBG Gaming is a major operator in the Italian market, operating both as a concessionaire of VLTs and AWPs, and as an iGaming, online sports betting and online bingo operator. Its acquisition by NOVOMATIC will greatly reinforce the latter company’s business, expanding its overall presence in Italy and Europe.

NOVOMATIC is currently one of the most influential VLP and Amusement with Prizes (AWP) in the region.  The M&A agreement will further bolster its business, helping it pave the way to further developments. The deal was notably approved by the Italian Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies (AAMS), which, NOVOMATIC pointed out, shows that the regulator trusts the group.

NOVOMATIC to Continue Growing

Ryszard Presch, an executive member of NOVOMATIC’s board, commented on the deal. He said that this acquisition will allow the company to further expand in Italy. He believes that the company can double its market share in the European country.

With this acquisition, NOVOMATIC is sending a clear signal of further international expansion and can double its market share as a concessionaire in one of the key European gaming markets.

Ryszard Presch, exec board member, NOVOMATIC

Meanwhile, Johannes Gratzl, another executive board member, praised the current deal as one of the largest takeover transactions in NOVOMATIC’s history. He added that this lays the foundation for further sustainable growth.  

Lastly, Markus Büchele, NOVOMATIC Italia’s chief executive officer, said that the deal is a reason for celebration. He noted that it coincides with the fifteen anniversary of the company’s Italian arm. Büchele said that the acquisition of HBG’s business would allow NOVOMATIC to stay on a very successful path. He is looking forward to working with HBG’s team and growing the business.

Following the conclusion of the current deal, NOVOMATIC Italia now has more than 3,000 workers. For reference, the operator currently employs more than 21,900 workers worldwide.


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