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North Carolina Sports Betting Delayed to Mid-2024

Initial plans aimed to facilitate wagering by the college football national championship in January 2024

Following the legalization of sports betting in North Carolina earlier this year, industry stakeholders had high hopes for a quick launch. However, recent updates indicate that the state is not yet ready to take this significant step. Correctly implementing the necessary robust regulatory processes is challenging and time-consuming, so the North Carolina government prefers to ensure all measures are in place.

Progress Remains Steady

The North Carolina Lottery Commission, responsible for establishing the state’s sports betting, stated Tuesday that the program won’t be operational by the previously targeted 8 January deadline. Sterl Carpenter, deputy executive director for gaming compliance, explained that several steps remain before betting can commence. The Commission believes these are crucial in ensuring customer safety and operator accountability.

Although the Commission plans to adopt initial sports betting rules and a wagering catalog this week, more steps are required before wagering can begin. These include approving further regulations following public input, conducting background checks on applicants, setting up internal controls, and ensuring responsible gaming measures.

Until the rulemaking and licensing are completed, a ‘go live’ date for sports betting can’t be scheduled.

Van Denton, the North Carolina Lottery director of communications

North Carolina’s sports betting legislation permits in-venue sportsbooks at four professional stadiums and temporary sportsbooks during specific events hosted at designated venues. While these measures are relatively conservative compared to other states, the launch of sports betting in Taheel State remains hotly anticipated by industry stakeholders and the general public.

A January 2023 Launch Was Highly Likely

While the recently announced delay may be disappointing to some, mid-2024 was always the North Carolina Lottery Commission’s original target for launching mobile sports betting. The state modeled its regulatory model after Massachusetts’, onboarding ex-senior regulator Sterl Carpenter as head of its gaming compliance and sports betting division. North Carolina lawmakers announced they were on track and expected no significant delays.

The commission remains committed to ensuring that sports betting gets up and running… as soon as possible and is on track to achieve that ahead of the 15 June deadline.

Van Denton, the North Carolina Lottery director of communications

North Carolina is well underway to becoming a leading US gambling destination. The state plans to augment the upcoming sports betting launch with a casino expansion, hoping to legalize four new venues through the state budget. Although these measures have faced some resistance, they highlight North Carolina’s focus on expanding its gambling options.

While the lack of an immediate sports betting launch may disappoint some, the North Carolina Lottery Commission remains committed to ensuring a successful and appropriate launch as soon as feasible within the regulatory guidelines set forth by the law. Rushing out such a contentious measure could cause significant issues, motivating the state’s desire to take its time.

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