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North Carolina Hires Former Top Regulator to Help with Sports Betting Launch

North Carolina is determined to get sports betting right and the arrival of an ex-senior regulator from Massachusetts sends a clear signal to how the state plans to run its affairs

The North Carolina State Lottery Commission has appointed Sterl Carpenter as its head of the gaming compliance and sports betting division. The man is an experienced and well-seasoned veteran who has more than 30 years of relevant industry experience, and he spent the last eight years with the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, one of the country’s toughest gaming watchdogs.

North Carolina Taps Highest Qualified Person for the Job

Commenting on his appointment in a press statement, executive director of the NC Educational Lottery Mark Michalko welcomed Carpenter. He said that the search for a person fit for the position was long but the result was definitely to the regulator’s satisfaction. Michalko added:

Carpenter has experience in all aspects of regulations and licensing as well as compliance. We’re pleased to have someone with Carpenter’s experience and expertise leading this new gaming program in our state.

NC Educational Lottery’s Mark Michalko

Carpenter is stepping into his new position on August 2 and he will immediately be responsible for overseeing the regulation of sports gambling at a time when the state is looking to set up shop in the industry. North Carolina passed a law in June that allows it to run online sports gambling with up to 12 commercial sportsbooks expected to arrive in the market.

In light of the recent legalization, companies such as Internet Vikings and Continent 8 Technologies have already begun setting up their infrastructure in the Tar Heel State, preparing for the official rollout of sports gambling.

Sports Betting Market Launch Expected in 2024

Carpenter’s appointment is important not just because he is able to oversee an entire market and do so successfully. He has also been part of the Bay State’s betting program and its launch, which means that he is uniquely qualified to advise and share the best experiences with his colleagues in North Carolina.

When an exact launch may happen in North Carolina is not exactly clear as of right now. Hopefuls dream for a rollout that will coincide with the Super Bowl, which could be just the case as sportsbooks could in theory launch in time. However, the launch should happen by June 14, 2024, which means that how fast sportsbooks arrive in North Carolina will really boil down to how fast the regulator, and now Carpenter, move.


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