July 26, 2023 3 min read


Internet Vikings Expands to North Carolina and Kentucky

While the company continues to expand to more US states, the demand for its services continues to grow

The licensed in-state cloud hosting provider powering the iGaming and betting sector, Internet Vikings, announced it expanded its North American presence. The company confirmed that it recently launched its services in North Carolina and Kentucky, a strategic move that expands further its footprint and delivers reliable services for its partners within the growing gambling sector.

Expanding its presence in more US states represents an important achievement for Internet Vikings. This is because the company caters to the need for its services amid the growth of legalized sports betting in the country.

Although North Carolina and Kentucky legalized sports betting recently, Internet Vikings identified the potential of the markets in those states. In fact, leading betting and gaming operators have also identified that potential, which made it easier for the cloud hosting provider to expand its presence further.

It was last month when North Carolina legalized sports betting. On the other hand, Kentucky legalized the activity recently as well and it anticipates launching its regulated betting market this autumn, probably in September. To ensure its successful expansion in the two states, Internet Vikings already signed deals with leading gaming operators. The expansion in the aforementioned states comes after earlier this year, the company completed milestones in New York, as well as Arizona. Late in May, Internet Vikings confirmed that it secured a vendor registration in New York and an Ancillary Supplier License for Arizona, two incredibly important achievements for the company.

The Company Continues to Grow

Kristoffer Ottosson, Internet Vikings’ COO, spoke about the company’s dedication to delivering supreme services for its clients within the markets in Kentucky and North Carolina. “Our presence in every destination of interest to the online sports betting industry is of great importance to us, ensuring our clients’ uninterrupted growth,” he said.

Since commencing operations in Kentucky and North Carolina, we have witnessed tremendous interest from businesses looking for reliable hosting.

Rickard Vikström, founder and CEO of Internet Vikings

Rickard Vikström, Internet Vikings’ CEO and founder, explained that the company was able to identify the potential of the markets in the two states early. Additionally, he pointed out that Internet Vikings’ ongoing expansion reaffirms its dedication to delivering quality services for its clients, allowing them to grow in emerging markets.

Vikström said that one of the goals of the company is to contribute to the development of the US online sports betting ecosystem. Finally, he explained that Internet Vikings will continue to deliver innovative technology that can help its clients continue to grow and expand in strategic markets.


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