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North Carolina Passes First Batch of Betting Rules

The public will be able to submit its comments on the second batch of rules by November 27

North Carolina is proceeding with the launch of sports betting in the state, although customers will have to wait a few more months before being able to place wagers. As reported by the North Carolina State Lottery Commission, the body adopted the first package of rules on Thursday, November 16.

The NC General Assembly Passed the Act to Authorize and Regulate Wagering on Professional, College, and Amateur Sports and on Horse Racing in North Carolina, and to Authorize Live Horse Racing in North Carolina on June 8. Since then, the state has been building a regulatory framework for the eventual launch of betting.

Under the new law, the North Carolina State Lottery Commission will serve as the sports betting regulator.

On October 17, the commission advanced the first set of rules and asked the public to submit its commentaries. Then, on November 14, the Sports Betting Committee voted in favor of the adoption of the first package of rules.

On November 16, the commission unanimously adopted Rulemaking Package #1 with previously recommended amendments and changes. However, the new rules will not take effect until January 8.

The commission warned that the second set of rules, now open for review and public comment, may introduce changes to the first package.

The first set of rules covers a number of topics, including advertising practices, and is available for download on the commission’s official website.

The Public Can Submit Its Comments on the Second Batch of Rules

In the meantime, the Sports Betting Committee of the North Carolina State Lottery Commission held a public meeting on November 7 and approved the rulemaking process on the second batch of sports betting rules.

The public can submit its comments by November 27. A public hearing to accept public comments will also be held on November 20.

In any case, sports betting in the state will not launch on January 8 when the rules are set to take effect. For reference, the deadline for the launch is June 15.

North Carolina is set to become a major US betting destination. However, the recent plans to expand the state’s gambling industry by opening four casinos continue to face intense resistance.

The expansion of the state’s casino industry was further impeded by a lawsuit that challenged the rezoning of land in Rockingham County for the purpose of building a casino.


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