October 31, 2023 3 min read


Lawsuit Challenges North Carolina Casino Expansion Plans

A recently filed lawsuit alleges unlawful rezoning of land in Rockingham County for the purpose of building a casino

Lawmakers in North Carolina are currently attempting to expand casino gambling through a rezoning of land located in Rockingham County. Earlier this year, in August, the Board of County Commissioners approved the rezoning of several acres of land that would ultimately be used for the development of a casino. This move immediately captured the attention of local residents, communities and organizations across the county.

As a result, a new lawsuit was filed, challenging the rezoning decision and claiming that it was unlawful. Among the plaintiffs of the new lawsuit are landowners and organizations that claimed a casino would have a devastating impact on the region. As announced by FOX 8, Camp Carefree, a camp for disabled and children with special needs, is a part of the lawsuit that contests the decision for rezoning nearly 200 acres of land, effectively clearing the path for the development of a casino in Rockingham County.

In addition to Camp Carefree, which is a non-profit organization that borders the land of the future casino, there are other businesses and landowners who disagree with the proposed project. Ultimately, the lawsuit alleges that the rezoning process was in breach of “basic legal requirements.”

The approved request for rezoning was filed by NC Development Holdings, a company that is reportedly linked to the leading gaming and entertainment giant, The Cordish Companies. In essence, the decision enabled some 192 acres of land to be rezoned from agricultural/residential use to highway commercial use. While this move marks an important part of the plan for the building of the casino, it is not the final step. Moreover, considering the latest lawsuit, it is likely that the timing of this project to be impacted.

The Case Criticizes Lawmakers’ Decisions

In their lawsuit, the opponents of the casino project criticized the “judgment of local and state officials who think it is a good idea to put a casino beside a beloved children’s camp.” Moreover, the lawsuit highlights that Camp Carefree has been providing vital services for disabled and children with special needs for nearly four decades. The legal document questioned the transparency of the decisions taken by lawmakers and claimed that the Commission’s decision about rezoning was “shrouded in secrecy and deceit” while at the same time claiming it was unlawful.

The plaintiffs spoke about the support they received from Democrats and Republicans in the state who acknowledged the devastating impact a casino may have on local communities. They claimed that this impact may be significantly harmful for communities across Nash, Anson and Rockingham that have low incomes.


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