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Norsk Tipping Bids Farewell to CEO Thor Gjermund Eriksen

Eriksen’s decision to step down leaves Norsk Tipping in a stable position, alleviating concerns about the future direction of the company

Despite only serving as CEO for less than a year, Eriksen was instrumental in advancing many of the operator’s safe gambling policies and social initiatives. He will remain with the company for a few more months to assist in the search for his successor and ensure a smooth transition. The leadership change should not disrupt Norsk Tipping as the company continues to serve as an example to operators worldwide.

The CEO leaves behind a legacy of success

Eriksen took up the leadership position at Norsk Tipping in September 2022 after previous CEO Åsne Havenelid stepped down due to personal reasons. Despite his short tenure, Eriksen contributed significantly to the operator’s safe gambling initiatives, advancing several milestone campaigns and focusing on charity efforts. His people-oriented mindset earned him the respect of his colleagues, who wished him luck in his future endeavors.

According to official data, the reason behind Eriksen’s premature departure is his new position as CEO of Bane Nor, the national agency managing Norway’s railways. The government likely noticed Eriksen’s success, deciding to direct his talents where they would make the most significant impact. The CEO was sad to leave his position but expressed content in his progress, thanking the Norsk Tipping team.

In one year, I have become very happy with Norsk Tipping’s social mission and our employees. Overseeing a strong and future-oriented Norwegian railways is exciting and something I have chosen to accept.

Thor Gjermund Eriksen, Norsk Tipping CEO

Eriksen will remain at the helm of Norsk Tipping until 1 October, assisting the operator with securing a worthy successor and ensuring a smooth transfer of responsibilities aligned with the company’s values. The recruitment process will likely involve careful consideration of candidates with a strong understanding of the gambling industry and a commitment to responsible gambling practices and innovative strategies. 

Norsk Tipping retains its focus on safe gambling

Norsk Tipping’s future CEO will have the challenging mission of leading the country’s sole regulated operator, keeping up with the company’s community-focused efforts. From January to April, the operator donated $24 million to good causes, allowing gamblers to choose their supported organization. Such funding is part of its Grassroots Share (Grasrotandelen) program allocating 7% of gamblers’ bets to charity.

The monopoly also invests significantly in safe gambling initiatives, mitigating the harmful social impact associated with the industry. Under Eriksen’s management, Norsk Tipping introduced new loss limits for younger players under 20, focusing on customers facing higher risks of gambling-related harm. The company also ceased its TV sports betting advertisements after the country’s broadcasters vowed to stop promoting unlicensed operators.

While Thor Gjermund Eriksen’s departure as head of Norsk Tipping marks a significant transition for the state-owned gambling operator, searching for a new CEO presents an opportunity to bring fresh perspectives and strategies. The company’s new leader will face the challenge of maintaining Norsk Tipping’s responsible gambling efforts while adapting to emerging market trends.

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