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Norsk Tipping Grasrotandelen Program Provides $24M to Good Causes in May

The funding is part of its Grasrotandelen program where 7% of gamblers’ bets are provided to a good causes organization chosen by the player

Norsk Tipping, a government-owned gambling operator in Norway, has collected almost $24 million for good causes from January to April. The funding is part of its Grassroots Share (Grasrotandelen) program where 7% of gamblers’ bets are provided to a good causes organization chosen by the player.

Norsk Tipping is an operator that is known for supporting various good causes. What makes its grassroots initiative so special is that it allows players to directly choose the recipient of a part of their bets. This provides customers with the ultimate control to support initiatives they care about.

The program does not affect the prize of a bet or the chances of winning. However, it allows customers to be a part of something bigger by providing them with a range of over 30,000 organizations to support.

Customers can freely select an organization they care about. They shouldn’t worry about their choice as they can always change it later.

The raised money in in the January-April period was slightly higher than what the company collected last year, highlighting an increased interest in the initiative.

The Operator Unveiled the Top Recipients

Norsk Tipping also published information about the recipients of the funding. As usual, the state-owned operator will provide three payments this year – one in January, one in May and one in September.

According to the operator, the local Association for the Relocation of Animals received the most support from Norsk Tipping customers. The organization received around $130,000. Next up is Vålerenga Fotball with $113,000, followed by the Children’s Cancer Association Oslo and Akershus with $102,000.

In addition, Norsk Tipping reported that $5 million were generated in the Folkerike Viken region alone. The second place belongs to Vestland, which raised $3.1 million. They were followed by Trøndelag in third place with $2 million.

Norsk Tipping reported that, as of now, its Grasrotandelen scheme has so far provided a whopping total of $12 million to sports organizations, $2.5 million to recreation and social associations and almost $22 million to culture and art-related initiatives.

Norway Continues to Combat Harm

In other Norway-related news, Anette Trettebergstuen, the acting Minister of Culture, recently backed a measure that would introduce DNS blocking for offshore operators. The new law will be voted on this fall and, if approved, will go into power on January 1, 2024.

Under the proposal, the Norwegian Gambling Authority will be provided with extra powers to enforce the ban and will be allowed to issue blocking orders to internet service providers.


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