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She Zhijiang Determined to Resist His Pending Extradition to China

The casino kingpin is facing multiple charges related to his alleged involvement in illegal gambling activities after his arrest in Thailand

Chinese authorities allege that Zhijiang played a central role in organizing and facilitating illicit gambling activities, which have long caused concern due to their association with criminal networks and potential societal harm. As a result of the evidence presented against the businessman, China has canceled his visa, enabling his deportation. However, She is prepared to use every legal option to evade or postpone such a measure.

She Argues He Is No Longer a Chinese Citizen

With the legal proceedings initiated by Chinese authorities, She Zhijiang is contesting his extradition from a foreign jurisdiction. Zhijiang’s legal team is expected to argue against the measure on various grounds, including concerns over fair trial rights, potential mistreatment, and the political motivations behind the charges. This high-stakes battle is likely to involve intricate legal arguments and diplomatic negotiations.

She’s primary defense relies on the fact that the casino mogul is technically no longer a Chinese citizen, having obtained Cambodian citizenship. He also argued that the government had many chances to arrest him as he still held a Chinese passport but pursued legal action only after he became a citizen of Cambodia. 

The businessman’s legal team is preparing his defense, hoping to appeal to international extradition law. Such cases, particularly those involving individuals of significant prominence or ties to the business world, often present complicated legal and diplomatic challenges. The resulting legal process can take years to conclude, meaning She should remain safe in the foreseeable future.

The Case Will Have Far-Reaching Implications

Despite the casino kingpin’s defense, the Chinese government has presented some damning evidence. According to She’s arrest warrant, he was the head of a criminal gang that operated between January 2018 and February 2021, collaborating with several companies to maintain his illegal online gambling platform. Authorities allege that 330,000 gamblers transferred $22 million abroad, netting She at least ten years in prison.

The escalation of this case matches China’s recent crackdowns against illegal gambling. The government initiated 10,000 criminal cases and 75,000 administrative cases related to underground casinos, primarily in rural areas. Hong Kong police also completed a successful operation against Triad members, investigating a connection between unlawful gambling, drugs, and trafficking.

Although the case against She represents only a fraction of the Chinese government’s anti-gambling efforts, it may have substantial implications for the casino industry and international cooperation in combating transnational crimes. The outcome of the extradition battle will have far-reaching consequences, not only for She Zhijiang but also for the broader fight against illegal gambling operations and the continued efforts to safeguard public safety and welfare.

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