October 28, 2022 3 min read


NJ Bettors Get Higher Payouts with Prophet Exchange

The newly launched New Jersey-based peer-to-peer sports betting exchange, Prophet Exchange, released a new report with details of its performance from the first seven weeks of the 2022 NFL season.

Peer-To-Peer Sports Betting Exchange Offers Bigger Payouts

In its latest report, Prophet Exchange revealed that it offered better pricing and odds for the NFL season when compared to other traditional sportsbooks active in the state. According to the company’s latest report, if a bettor had used their peer-to-peer sports betting exchange and wagered $100 on the Jets money line each week since the start of the NFL season, they would have made $713. This represents a far more profitable outcome when compared to the same sum wagered via a traditional sportsbook, which would have paid the bettor only $646.

Additionally, the company said that if a bettor wagered on the Philadelphia Eagles, they would have profited 10.9% more via the peer-to-peer sports betting exchange when compared to traditional sportsbooks. Similarly, Prophet Exchange revealed that $100 wagered weekly on the Giants money line since the start of the season would have granted bettors $987. When compared to a traditional sportsbook that would pay $906 for the same wager, the peer-to-peer exchange platform would have paid an 8.94% higher profit.

Prophet Exchange, the newly launched New Jersey-based peer-to-peer sports betting exchange, offered better pricing and odds than traditional sportsbooks, based on the average prices and odds on New Jersey-based sports wagering operators, for the first seven weeks of the 2022 NFL season,

reads a statement released by Prophet Exchange

Prophet Exchange is the first of its kind operator in the US that leverages a peer-to-peer model. This means that the company acts as an intermediary. According to the company, this model creates no risk and “allows users to set prices, or place bets on prices already set by other users.” Besides the NFL, Prophet Exchange covers NBA, NHL, MLB, as well as NCAA football and basketball games. The platform also vowed to continue to expand its offering and add new sports. Currently, the peer-to-peer sports betting platform is available in New Jersey via web, Android and iOS devices.

We are excited to see our bettors reach this amplified level of payout using Prophet.

Dean Sisun, CEO at Prophet Exchange

Dean Sisun, Prophet Exchange’s CEO, said that the company is excited to see that bettors benefit from increased payouts via the peer-to-peer sports betting platform. He added: “By staking each week on these teams, they’re walking away with not only more of a profit, but the confidence that our peer-to-peer betting strategies are effective.” Last but not least, Sisun deemed the performance of Prophet Exchange as a win-win and revealed that the platform brought plenty of excitement for sports bettors in New Jersey.


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