Prophet Exchange to Launch Product in Ohio in 2023

Prophet Exchange is building up on its successful launch in New Jersey a month ago when the peer-to-peer betting exchange rolled out its inaugural product. Now, the company is taking this a step further with an anticipated arrival in Ohio.

Ohio to Become Second State Where Prophet Has Products

Prophet Exchange informs consumers that they will have the opportunity to benefit from better odds and bigger profits in the state once the official platform launches. Prophet similarly argues that its proposition supersedes that of traditional sportsbooks.

The company prides itself on a pricing model that offers consumers the best possible value on every bet they choose to take. However, the platform will have to wait until the official launch date of sports betting begins.

Ohio is slated to launch on January 1, 2023, with Prophet Exchange launching if not immediately, then shortly after in the first half of 2023. Its partnership in the Buckeye State is not isolated with the Columbus Blue Jackets serving as the company’s regional partner.

Prophet’s proposition is unique in that it allows consumers to set their own prices and bet. Prophet itself does not add any vigorish or margin on its odds, nor does it set limits, offering sports bettors in regulator markets access to a superior product.

Commenting on this new opportunity for the company, Prophet Exchange Co-Founder and CEO Dean Sisun welcomed the opportunity to be expanding the company’s reach in the regulated gambling market. He added:

After our hugely successful debut in our home state of New Jersey, we are thrilled to bring the exchange betting model to Ohio. Although commonplace in markets like the UK, exchange betting is a brand-new concept in the United States—and our expansion is another big step in our mission to become the mainstream sports betting platform in the country.

Prophet Exchange Co-Founder and CEO Dean Sisun

North America Can Benefit from the Peer-to-Peer Betting Model

Prophet Exchange COO Jake Benzaquen also joined the conversation and welcomed the opportunity for the company to be making its way in the Buckeye State. He hailed the Columbus Blue Jackets as an important local partner and one that will help the betting platform expand its reach in the market.

Prophet Exchange has big ambitions for the North American market. It draws inspiration from the peer-to-peer betting models adopted elsewhere but so far remains elusive in places such as the United States and Canada. Prophet is set to buck this trend and bring the product to the United States, one state at a time.

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