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NHL’s Kane Cleared of Accusations of Gambling on His Own Games

Professional National Hockey League player Evander Kane has been cleared of his wife’s allegations that he bet on his own games. The investigation concluded that the San Jose Sharks forward’s actions point to the contrary and he never even attempted throwing a game.

Kane Never Bet on His Games

The whole check was sparked by reports by Deanna, the players’ wife who is currently on bad terms with Kane as the two are getting ready for a divorce. Deanna had shared posts where she accused her husband of betting on his own games and influencing his team’s results. NHL hired Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP to do the research on Kane’s betting activity. The league also took part through NHL Security.

The investigators thoughtfully checked Kane’s social media, data and court filings from his divorce papers as well as his bankruptcy proceedings. Kane and his Sharks teammates were interviewed and he had his sports betting data checked in collaboration with Sportradar. Ms. Kane refused to speak or take part in the investigation.

The NHL is conclusive that Kane is currently clear but also added that it may reopen the investigation if new information comes to light. That doesn’t mean things are over for the San Jose Sharks forwards as he is currently investigated on other non-gambling related accounts. They are based on Deanna’s claims that the player is abusing her and their daughter both physically and sexually.

Because of those extra allegations, Kane is currently excluded from the Sharks’ training camp. The team said that it takes the allegations very seriously and will cooperate with the investigation until Kane’s been found either innocent or guilty. According to Kane’s lawyer, the player denies ever mistreating his wife or daughter.

Kane himself denied the betting allegations in an interview with ESPN. The pro hockey player shared that he would never bet on his games or lose on purpose. However, he did admit that he has a gambling problem that has amassed him a huge debt. Kane told sportscaster Linda Cohn that he is currently seeing help to relieve that very addiction that has caused him to go bankrupt.

The fact that the gambling investigation proved Kane’s innocence is one of the little good news for the player in a turbulent moment of his life. With his bankruptcy and $1.5 million of debt, his ongoing divorce and the investigation on his harassment allegations, Kane is going through a lot.

Some NHL fans have gone as far as speculating that the San Jose Sharks are considering kicking the player for good and trading him to another team. In the interview, Kane said that he highly doubts that his relationship with the team would deteriorate so quickly before he has been found guilty of any of the charges. Kane added that the Sharks haven’t even addressed him on the topic of trade so this seems very unlikely.

Even though things have been difficult for the NHL player, not everything is lost. Should he manage to prove his innocence on the harassment allegations and overcome his gambling addiction, he will have more years of professional sports career ahead.


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