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Probe Against Evander Kane Hindered by Absent Anna Kane

Evander Kane, an NHL player who became the focus of an investigation pertaining to betting on hockey games, may not have much to worry about. Yet, his team could be facing difficulties getting started in the season as the investigation drags its heels as the chief accuser has not been interviewed to this date. The San Jose Sharks left winger has vehemently denied all claims that allege his involvement in hockey gambling.

Kane Is a Gambler But Is He Hockey Gambler

A probe was launched after Anna Kane, Evander’s estranged spouse, tweeted that the NHL was letting a “compulsive gambling addict still play when he’s obviously throwing games to win money.” The NHL quickly responded by confirming that it would conduct a full investigation into the matter and not issue any further comment until the probe had been completed.

That was at the beginning of August. A month after the controversy surfaced, Kane is still in the clear, and the allegations against his person seem to have hit a brick wall. Investigators have confirmed that they have been unable to interview Anna, who lodged the original complaints, and as such, the NHL cannot make any further progress, Front Office Sports wrote on Wednesday.

In a comment to the media outlet, NHL deputy commissioner Billy Daly confirmed that the league had missed its original deadline for completing the investigation as the matter should not have taken more than a month, and now the Sharks’ initial training camp schedule in jeopardy because of the delay.

Nothing Suggests Kane Threw Games on Purpose 

Responding to an email for Front Office Sports, Daly said that he could not provide a definitive answer regarding the future of the investigation. At the time the probe was first brought up, the NHL said that the integrity of the league’s games is of the utmost importance. 

The Sharks quickly followed up by saying that they would facilitate any NHL efforts to get to the truth. Meanwhile, Kane pulled off one of his best seasons in 2021, and nothing would so much as suggest that he is purposefully attempting to throw games. 

Kane registered 22 goals, scored 49 points, and added up to 27 assists during that season. However, Kane is a gambling addict who has amounted to $1.5 million in losses and has filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy in January 2021. He has vehemently denied all claims that he has ever bet on any hockey game. 

However, if investigators establish that he has been involved in hockey gambling, he may be suspended from the NHL, and the professional sport for life as the NHL Players’ Association explicitly prohibits participation in such activities. 


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