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NFL Pro Bowl Game to Take place at Allegiant Stadium, NFL Confirms

One of the most anticipated events, the NFL Pro Bowl week, will take place in Las Vegas, with the Pro Bowl game itself unfolding on January 31.

NFL Pro Bowl to Take Place in Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas

One of the most significant National Football League (NFL) post-season events, the NFL Pro Bowl, will take place at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. The event is expected to take place in January, 2021, and will be one of the first attempts to normalize the sports betting world and accommodating high-profile events.

The Allegiant Stadium, a still under-construction-stadium, and worth $2 billion, will be ready on time for the NFC and AFC big showdown game, the developers have assured. The game will be taking place on January 31, giving the league and construction crews over half a year to plan ahead for the big event.

Moving forward, the Allegiant Stadium will also serve as the new home for the Las Vegas Raiders. The league has previously revealed that Las Vegas will be the location of the 2022 NFL Draft which will take place on April 23 that year.

Originally, the NFL 2020 draft was planned for the Linq Promenade, and it was then decided to hold it at Paradise, Nevada. However, COVID-19 has forced the league to reconsider and introduce a virtual format, citing concerns about the safety of players, staff members and guests.

Meanwhile, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell also said that the Super Bowl may soon be hosted in Las Vegas, though this may not happen earlier than 2025 as all other venues have already been booked. For the upcoming Pro Bowl game, the NFL will work with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority to host the event.

Commenting on these developments, LVCVA CEO Steve Hill had this to say: “We’re appreciative of the NFL’s leadership and commitment to bring the 2021 Pro Bowl to Las Vegas. We look forward to hosting the best NFL players and their incredible fan base for a weeklong celebration that could only happen in Las Vegas.”

The Allegiant Stadium and Las Vegas Will Pack a Lot of Action

LVCVA cautioned, however, that no accurate read can be made of what to expect for the time being, because the Allegiant Stadium was a new venue and that would be the first time it had hosted an event.

Not least, there is also the coronavirus outbreak to consider, which could lead to much stricter measures for live sports events in future. The festival itself will feature quite a few and diverse key points, including Pro Bowl Skills Showdown, NFL Flag Championship games, team practices, and more.

Las Vegas Raiders President Marc Badin was pleased with the developments. He said that the Pro Bowl week was a “celebration of the best the NFL has to offer,” and he is right. The Pro Bowl game will come in the old familiar format, with 88 players participating.

Players will be shortlisted from all conferences, 44 from each, and gain entry into the Pro Bowl through a vote in which fans, coaches, and players will be able to decide who makes the cut. Meanwhile, Caesars Entertainment properties in Las Vegas will offer an enhanced fan experience, as Caesars is the current official casino sponsor for the NFL.


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