September 21, 2021 3 min read


NFL Extends and Expands Its Extreme Networks Partnership

The National Football League has extended its partnership with the networking company Extreme Networks. With the two parties agreeing to continue and expand their collaboration, Extreme will continue its work as the league’s official Wi-Fi network solutions provider and official Wi-Fi analytics provider until 2024.

The Network Deal Expands

Currently, Extreme Networks provides its solutions to 25 teams across 24 stadiums. With the deal expanded, that will increase to 29 stadiums and 31 teams.

The extended deal will see the NFL continuing to provide an official Wi-Fi connection at live events as well as real-time analytics that will benefit bettors and fervent fans alike. Extreme Networks’ CEO, Norman Rice, spoke about the importance of a strong Wi-Fi network during live games. Thanks to Extreme Networks’ solutions, the NFL can continue providing an engaging experience to its fans.

“We’re proud to extend our long-standing partnership with the NFL, continuing to work together to make technology an integral part of the game both on and off the field,” Rice said.

The NFL’s chief information officer, Michelle McKenna, mentioned that fan expectations for technology-driven experiences are evolving and the league grows in response to satisfy their demands.

“We do that by providing great Wi-Fi connectivity, leveraging insightful analytics to improve business operations, and creating a simple and effective way for our team to manage the network within a single dashboard,” McKenna explained.

She pointed out that the partnership with Extreme Networks is crucial for the NFL’s technological development. McKenna believes that Extreme is the most suitable partner for the league as it’s a partner that is “equally invested in creating a superior fan experience”.

Extreme Networks’ Robust Wi-Fi Offerings

With the NFL deal extended, ExtremeAnalytics will cover 29 of the 30 NFL stadiums. The data is important for noticing trends and patterns among fans. Starting this year, Extreme will be doubling its analytical efforts, providing IT teams with even more data to work with. Thanks to this, the organizational efforts will be facilitated and improved.

The Baltimore Ravens, Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, and Seattle Seahawks franchises will be receiving full Wi-Fi 6 coverage at their stadiums and simplified Wi-Fi network management solutions. There will be a focus on optimization and performance improvement. 

Extreme Networks is a veteran in providing highly-populated events and establishments with a cutting-edge wireless connection. The company also supports the Super Bowl, as well as other sports leagues, teams, and stadiums. Extreme also provides Wi-Fi solutions to numerous learning establishments worldwide.

The company’s connection solution takes in mind both how populated a venue is and how demanding some applications used by the people there may be. Extreme has a clever technology that controls traffic and helps organizers prioritize the most crucial apps for the event. 


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