September 21, 2021 2 min read


GamblingNews and Swintt CCO David Mann Talk the Future of iGaming (Podcast #4)

The GamblingNews podcasts continue to provide a wealth of knowledge about what is happening in the gaming industry everywhere, and our latest edition included iGaming developer Swintt. The company’s chief commercial officer, David Mann, sat down with Erik Gibbs to talk about what the company is doing to advance its position in the market, as well as what changes are going to be seen in the industry over the next couple of years.

Mann has been with Swintt for over two years, but joined the company with significant experience in the industry. His background includes high-profile positions with William Hill, Spigo and others, and is now leading the charge as Swintt continues to innovate and focus on game designs that increase player engagement. With greater competition in the iGaming space, companies like Swintt that can give themselves an edge through creative innovation are able to more rapidly increase their market share.

With the expansion of iGaming adoption in the US and Canada, Swintt envisions a strong future in the North American market. The US is currently undergoing a major shift in how it views online gaming and sports betting, which Swintt has already begun to exploit. The newly expanded Canadian market holds plenty of opportunities for the company, and it is looking strongly at the options it can provide to operators throughout the country.

It’s no secret that one of the biggest challenges facing any iGaming-linked company is having to understand and abide by different regulations. Every country has its own framework and, in the US, the framework is divided even more, split at the state level. As new content is being developed, it is important that operators and developers ensure the content will be accepted across multiple jurisdictions, which can sometimes seem like an insurmountable hurdle. However, Swintt’s legal and regulatory team work diligently to ensure the company is in compliance, allowing it to roll out its new offerings with ease.

The iGaming space continues to change around the world; new options are being introduced, regulations are changing and competition continues to increase. Swintt is poised to be a primary supplier of content for the industry, driving change in multiple markets that will shape the future of the iGaming space for years to come.


Erik brings his unique writing talents and storytelling flare to cover a wide range of gambling topics. He has written for a number of industry-related publications over the years, providing insight into the constantly evolving world of gaming. A huge sports fan, he especially enjoys football and anything related to sports gambling. Erik is particularly interested in seeing how sports gambling and online gaming are transforming the larger gaming ecosystem.

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