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New Hampshire Casino Owner Faces License Revocation Amidst Fraud Allegations

Allegations have been made against Andy Sanborn, proprietor of Concord Casino, claiming that he utilized close to $844,000 in Small Business Administration (SBA) loans for inappropriate purposes

Former state senator and current casino owner, Andy Sanborn, faced a heated hearing on December 11 as he fights to retain his gaming license amidst allegations of fraudulently obtaining federal pandemic assistance. 

Concord Casino Owner Faces Allegations of Misusing $844,000 in Federal Loans

Andy Sanborn, the owner of Concord Casino, is accused of using nearly $844,000 in Small Business Administration (SBA) loans for improper purposes, including purchasing luxury cars.

Sanborn’s defense team, led by attorneys Zachary Hafer and Mark Knights, argued on Monday that a business consultant, Michael Evans of SpringWest Capital Corp. in New York, not Sanborn, submitted the applications for the federal aid. Hafer and Knights vehemently denied the state’s claims that Sanborn misused the funds to buy two Porsche race cars and a Ferrari, further emphasizing that there was no fraudulent intent, reported the New Hampshire Bulletin.

Knights asserted during the Department of Safety hearings that the evidence would reveal that Mr. Sanborn and Win Win Win had depended on the advice of someone they had reason to believe was an expert. He emphasized that this did not constitute fraud and that there was no intent to deceive.

The defense called into question the state’s investigation, labeling it as “sloppy” and criticizing the absence of key witnesses from the Small Business Administration. Knights argued that the state’s case lacked substance, and the allegations were based on an incomplete and poorly executed investigation.

New Hampshire Lottery Commission Pursues Suspension of Sanborn’s Gaming License

The New Hampshire Lottery Commission, which moved to indefinitely suspend Sanborn’s gaming license, alleges that he not only improperly applied for federal assistance but also failed to submit accurate financial records of his gaming operations. 

Senior Assistant Attorney General Jessica King stated on December 11 that proving any one of these allegations would be sufficient to revoke Sanborn’s license.

In an unexpected twist, Sanborn and his wife, Laurie, were absent from Monday’s hearing, reportedly at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Hafer informed the hearings officer, Michael King, that Sanborn’s health issues made participation in the hearing challenging.

Lottery officials, including Leila McDonough, testified that Sanborn had been uncooperative and difficult to work with during their investigations. McDonough expressed concerns about the accuracy and timeliness of financial filings, stating that Sanborn’s records showed discrepancies in his yearly income.

The fate of Sanborn’s gaming license now rests in the hands of Officer Michael King, who will decide whether to uphold the suspension before the license’s expiration on December 31. Simultaneously, the Attorney General’s Office is exploring possible criminal charges against the Sanborns, referring the case to the United States Attorney’s Office for further investigation.


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    I hope Andy gets what he has coming. He was a slum lord 10 years ago. Karmas a mother Andy

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