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Former New Hampshire Senator Accused of Fraudulent COVID-19 Relief Spending

Allegedly, former senator Andy Sanborn redirected the funds for his personal benefit, acquiring luxury vehicles for himself and his spouse

Former New Hampshire senator Andy Sanborn, owner of the Concord Casino, is now under intense scrutiny after allegations of COVID-19 relief fraud and extravagant personal spending. The state’s Attorney General John Formella and the Lottery Commission jointly announced that Sanborn is considered “not suitable” to be involved in charitable gaming due to the alleged misconduct.

Sanborn Accused of Fraudulently Obtaining COVID-19 Loan and Lavish Spending

The investigation by the Attorney General’s Office uncovered that Sanborn purportedly fraudulently secured a COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan of $844,000 from the Small Business Association, reported NBC Boston. It is claimed that he diverted these funds for personal use, including the purchase of high-end vehicles. The funds were reportedly used to buy two Porsche 987 Cayman S race cars for himself and a Ferrari F430 for his wife, state Rep. Laurie Sanborn. The couple is also accused of disguising personal expenses as business-related transactions, with Sanborn funneling $183,500 into his accounts under the guise of rent payments.

Sanborn’s actions not only raise concerns about financial misconduct but also impact his involvement in the charitable gaming sector. The Lottery Commission is pursuing revocation of Sanborn’s gaming facility license and his game operator employer license. Sanborn has a limited window of 10 days to appeal the decision. The Attorney General’s Office is simultaneously conducting a criminal investigation into the matter, while also referring the case to the US Attorney’s Office for further criminal proceedings.

The allegations come at a pivotal moment for Sanborn, who sought to expand his gambling enterprise with a new casino project on Loudon Road. However, this endeavor now faces legal challenges, with critics asserting that public notice was insufficient before the city’s planning board’s vote.

Aside from the Concord Casino, Sanborn manages The Draft, a restaurant and bar conveniently situated adjacent to his casino in downtown Concord.

In another twist, Sanborn’s wife, Laurie Sanborn, who is a state representative, is heading a legislative commission focused on examining New Hampshire’s gambling laws and their impact on charities’ revenue share. The unfolding events have prompted calls for her removal from the commission due to potential conflicts of interest.

Hailing from Bedford, Sanborn served four consecutive terms in the state Senate before his unsuccessful congressional bid in 2018. Meanwhile, his wife, Laurie Sanborn, currently holds her seventh term in the House, where she assumes the roles of Speaker Pro Tempore and Chair of the Ways and Means Committee. The fallout from these allegations extends beyond the gaming industry, impacting both the Sanborns’ personal reputations and their political connections. As the investigation progresses, the citizens of New Hampshire await further developments and the potential ramifications for the state’s gambling landscape.


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