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The Belmont Stakes Possibly to Run Twice at Saratoga

As The Belmont Park is undergoing a massive overhaul, the famed Triple Crown race will most likely be hosted out of Saratoga for two seasons

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul has already confirmed that the 2024 Belmont Stakes is headed for Saratoga Race Course, in a move that is designed to retain interest in horse racing and ensure that local horse racing aficionados do not skip a beat of the action.

Saratoga Likely to Play Host to Belmont Stakes in 2025

The Belmont Stakes is part of the Triple Crown, the single-most bet-on horse racing event in the world, and is considered to be the most prestigious and venerated such event in the first place. Yet, the Belmont Stakes may not be around for just one season, as the Belmont Race Course renovations could take up close to two years to complete, with the project finishing in time for 2026.

The 2025 completion date is still a moving target, which may see the hosts keen to avoid any sudden changes of venue and stick to Saratoga instead. The race is typically held in the summer with the 2024 dates already set for June 7-8, 2024. Meanwhile, the famed venue, The Belmont Park itself, is receiving a $455-million facelift itself.

New York Racing Association president and CEO David O’Rourke has echoed those sentiments, arguing that Saratoga would most likely play host for two years in a row. To build excitement, the Belmont Stakes in 2024 will also come with a $2 million prize pool, adding to the festive mood.

The change of venue is no big deal to fans either it seems, as they are keen to see the Belmont Stakes run, especially when they know that they will be returning to the original venue after a few seasons anyway.

Change in Format Offers Interesting Opportunities for Bettors

Notably, the Saratoga event will be run at 1 ¼ miles which will be the distinct change other than the venue. This should add an interesting quality to betting predictions as the event is usually run at 1 ½ miles, and adding the extra distance could produce unlikely winners and upset bookmaker wisdom.

Belmont Park underwent significant changes back in 1963-1967, and this is in fact the only time that the event was moved out of the historied venue. The renovations this time around will be going at a much briskier clip allowing fans to come back to the horse racing venue of the century.


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