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New Alliance Brings Metrics-Based Gambling Treatment in North Carolina

The new program is expected to deliver metrics-based treatment for people affected by problem gambling and play a key role in the further development of similar initiatives

A new initiative in North Carolina will provide people affected by problem gambling access to a metrics-based clinical treatment. The new program seeks to combat gambling-related harm, provide essential treatment to those who need it and at the same time contribute toward the development of gambling disorder treatment programs.

The new program represents the efforts of a handful of organizations, including Birches Health, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services’ (NCDHHS) Problem Gambling Program and the East Carolina University’s Gambling Research and Policy Initiative (GRPI).

The cumulative efforts resulted in the debut of the new metrics-based gambling disorder program. Per the new initiative, people affected by problem gambling in North Carolina will have not only access to treatment, but also information and viable resources provided by the North Carolina Gambling Hotline.

The clinical program will bring specialized virtual therapy which will be organized by licensed providers. The NCDHHS Problem Gambling Program will provide the required funding to ensure that underinsured, as well as non-insured individuals will be able to benefit from the program.

The latest announcement comes at a time when the debate on gambling expansion in North Carolina is intensifying. An expert recently pointed to data that showed that the gambling sector donated more than $3 million to political committees and lawmakers across the state.

The Initiative Is Expected to Bring Best-in-Class Gambling Treatment

Elliott Rapaport, Birches Health’s founder and CEO, shared his excitement about the new program. He revealed that the company is delighted to contribute to this program and research completed by NCDHHS’ Problem Gambling Program and the GRPI. Finally, Rapaport added: “We believe this initiative will inform best-in-class gambling disorder treatment and help steer clinical outcomes for programs nationally to ensure the reduction of gambling-related harm.”

We are excited to support our partners at the GRPI and Birches Health in their work launching a first-of-its-kind problem gambling metrics-based telehealth treatment pilot program.

Amanda Winters, problem gambling administrator for NCDHHS

Amanda Winters, NCDHHS’ problem gambling administrator, was just as delighted. She said the agency is thrilled to play a key role in the collaboration with Birches Health and GRPI that resulted in the launch of a unique gambling treatment pilot program. Last but not least, Winters said that such programs are crucial for the development of gambling treatment initiatives for North Carolina residents.


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